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HoCo Fraud Hotline

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, July 18, 2005

Citizens and county employees send in your stories of disgust and inappropriate behavior to be shared with the rest of the county.  Click on the comments section.

As the Baltimore Sun Reported:

There has not been a major internal scandal in Howard County government for more than two decades, but county auditor Ronald Weinstein wants to set up a fraud, waste and abuse hot line, just in case.

“It’s becoming more and more something that’s recommended,” in professional accounting circles, said Weinstein. “A lot of audit tips come through employee hot lines.”

Weinstein said he is waiting before implementing the program, which would allow reports either by telephone or computer, to get a legal opinion on whether Howard needs new whistleblower legislation to protect employees who report abuses.

Lets give them a head start.


2 Responses to “HoCo Fraud Hotline”

  1. Bubba said

    Should we report Ms. Watson’s mismanagement of the School Grading Software?

  2. Chris said

    How about spending hundreds of thousands to repave all the roads in my neighborhood (Columbia Hills/Meadowbrook Farms) when they didn’t need it, at the cost to taxpayers of over $5 per square yard!! I’ve been trying to find the money trail from Aggregate Industries (contractor) to donations to candidates/politicians, but haven’t found anything yet…

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