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Highway Transportation Bill

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, August 3, 2005

The United States Congress just passed the largest Highway Bill in history.

Roads bill called a pork barrel outrage

Details of the spending can be found at the Taxpayers For Common Sense web site

Of the $24,135,018,641 in pork barrel spending in this bill Maryland gets a whopping 4% of the spending. Congressmen Cummings and Cardin were able to scrounge up $14.3M for Howard County. Congressman Cummings got almost $50M for Baltimore City.

Now where is this money being spent?

Howard County gets a new Highway Maintenance Facility, continued improvements to Rt 29 and Rt 1, and expansion of Rt 32 between Rt 108 and I70.

Baltimore City is getting:
Trail Improvements
New Parking
Pedestrian Access in Druid Hill
Water Taxi Terminals
A new bus terminal
I am leaving out the items that make sense.

Here is what bothers me…. Howard County contributes a lot more in taxes than Baltimore City yet we are getting just over 25% of the funding that Baltimore City is receiving.

Thanks a lot to our representatives in the Congress.


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