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Councilman David Rakes Under Pressure

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, August 14, 2005,1,4328006.story

This is an hit piece on Democratic Councilman David Rakes. I don't care where one stands on the political spectrum but I have to wonder if the Howard County Democratic Party has a contract out on Rakes. These are supposed to be his friends…

I am sure the GOP is whispering in Rakes' ear right now "come over to our side"….

From a mysterious bill last spring to move a planning boundary in another
councilman's district, through Rakes' undisclosed links to a liquor license
applicant, his firing of several special assistants, and seemingly contradictory
votes July 28, Rakes is dismaying a growing number of people.

Party members do not always agree on every issue, she said, "but the bottom line is he was elected as part of a Democratic majority. He's out of step with the majority of his constituents who put him there."

West Columbia Democrat Ken Ulman's comments after the council's July 28 meeting — that Rakes did not understand the legislation he voted on and that "his constituents should be embarrassed for him"

The Sun article doesn't even quote Rakes' comments from July 28th, or the fact that despite heavy GOP lobbying, but a last minute appeal by Congressman Elijah Cummings, Rakes toed the party line and voted to make Guy Guzzone Council Chairman. I wonder if Guzzone stands a chance next year.

Rakes said Ulman's comments were "a put-down and a slap in the face."
"I take it very personal," Rakes said of Ulman's statement. "I'm a very independent

Even David Rakes opponent in the County Council race in 2002, Brian Harlin, refused to comment.

If a similiar hit piece shows up in the Howard County Times then we will know what is going on….


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