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Council majority isn’t receptive to compromise on smoking bill

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, January 15, 2006

Read the Baltimore Sun Article here

Why doesn't this headline simply read, "Robey vetos smoking bill"? Political spin, blame it on the County Council so as not to damage Robey's chances in the State Senate race.

Robey knew the position of the County Council. They were not going to accept a bill that would impose a smoking ban in three year moritorium let alone in two years. Robey can't even recall if he spoke to the Council President, Chris Merdon, once or twice. For Pete's sake.

If a smoking ban was that important to him one would think he would speak to the Council President more than once or twice.

The simple fact is that Howard County doesn't have a smoking ban because of JIM ROBEY!

The unwritten story here is that Jim Robey doesn't know how to compromise. He is used to a rubber stamp County Council. Since Robey's party totally disrespected Councilman David Rakes and essentially pushed him into the GOP camp Robey lost his rubberstamp.

My advise to Robey – GET USED TO IT!

Maybe Robey will now have to learn how to compromise.

Too bad the Sun can't call it for what this really is… but another Howard County Blogger can check it out.


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