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Howard County Executive Race

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, January 16, 2006

No doubt if you are reading this blog you are aware of the upcoming County Executive Race.

Chris Merdon is the presumptive Republican Candidate.
Ken Ulman and Harry Dunbar are the only declared Democrat candidates.

Recently the three candidates participated in the CBX (Columbia Business Exchange) lunch in which they were presented with the opportunity to answer a number of questions that were presented well in advance of the scheduled lunch.

Mr. Dunbar did well, as did Chris Merdon.

Ken Ulman —– If I didn't know better I would have thought he was Parris Glendening. He seemed to take credit for every initiative in the Glendening administration when he was Director of the Board of Public Works and Special Projects. What exactly is that appointed position? He also consistently referred to his "home town" roots. So what – that may play well in Columbia, but most of us in Howard County are transplants. We choose Howard County as the place we want to live and raise our families. Does Mr. Ulman care about that? I can't think of one accomplishment Ken Ulman has acheived as a member of the County Council. Please enlighten me….

Then the Columbia Town Center Charade uh… Charrette. I don't believe for a minute that the "community" dialogue wasn't manipulated by Mr. Ulman and his ilk.

Then his references to Merriweather Post… If Mr. Ulman had his way I think he would convert this to Strathmore Hall. His vision of an indoor/outdoor entertainment venue is fine. I would like to see such a venue in Howard County too. I don't want Howard County Government to build it.

Mr. Ulman, we are going to need something a little more substantive from you if you want votes, otherwise this election is going to be a run away.


One Response to “Howard County Executive Race”

  1. dunbar06 said

    I attended this forum and must say that Harry Dunbar was easily the most impressive. I don’t say that just because I am a supporter of his, but performance made me even more solidly behind him in my support.

    Chris Merdon did pretrty well also even though I am not a big supporter of his. I agree, Ken Ulman looked like he was lost. he always seems to go back to his favorite talking point – Merriweatehr Post. It seems like that is all he cares about.

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