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Pittsburgh Steelers

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, January 16, 2006

Ok, I am a transplant to Howard County. I love the place, I love my home, my neighbors, the schools. I even like Jim Robey, although I don’t think he is a good County Executive. One thing I brought to Howard County with me is my love for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Raven’s fans…. Got to get behind them, they will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Skins fans… Come on Carolina? Seattle? How about a team with a vaunted grand legacy to match the Redskins —- like the Steelers.

Well, how about those Steelers.

Come on! What an awesome game against the Colts (another reason for Redskins and Ravens fans to support the Steelers – Indianapolis is wearing Baltimore’s uniform).

I was so excited watching the game that I scared my kids. Not really, but they wanted to know why Pop was acting crazy.

I don’t know if Cowher should have gone for the TD at the 2nd yard line. The risk was something terrible happening and it did. But thank the Lord for Big Ben – great tackle. He is more versitile than the Slash :=) Maybe he should have just had Ben go down on his knee 3 times and run the clock down and go for a FG? Doesn’t really matter now does it? Clearly the better team won.

How about the NFL coming out and saying that Morelli got Polamalu’s interception call wrong. Incomplete pass my ass. Anyone think that the NFL would have said anything at all if the Steelers had ended up loosing the game? Huh…. Come on… Don’t you think they would have just kept their mouths shut and hoped the bad press went away? If they don’t fine Joey Porter for his comments then that tells me all I need to know. I vote for “They would have kept their mouths shut…”

Now, do you think Denver beat NE or did NE loose the game? You know what I mean. I think NE took them for granted (like the Steelers took NE for granted in 2000). The better team did not win that game. I think the Steelers will win in Denver. Vegas is only giving Denver 3.5 points. I think it will be a better game than the Superbowl because PGH will ruin Carolina or Seattle. The game in Denver is going to be a ground game and the Steelers and Broncos are going to rip the turf right out of Mile High.

I know, I know…. Steeler fans have waited so long for this moment. I am trying not to get my hopes up and being a life long Steeler fan I know I risk eating my words. We’ve been disappointed before.

My wife took away my cans of black and gold spray paint, is very upset about the TV, and especially upset about the kid’s hair. I don’t blame her, she is not a football fan, but if she was she would have let me paint their faces too.


2 Responses to “Pittsburgh Steelers”

  1. Well they did beat the Colts, and any Baltimore football fan has to applaud any team that knocks the Colts out of the playoffs.

    It has now been 21 years since the Colts left Baltimore andf they still have not won a SUper Bowl

  2. hocoblog said

    Lets keep it that way.

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