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County Council District One

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Little fan fare has been made about Tony Salazar's entry into the County Council Race.

Tony first came on to the political scene when he challenged Congressman Cummings in his re-election bid. One thing I noticed about Tony in that race was his passion for the district and the passion his team of volunteers had in his campaign.

I have met Tony on a number of occasions and am very impressed with his dedication to Howard County, his background is suited to the County Council, and is very approachable.

This district, stretching from Ellicott City through Elkridge is predominately Democratic but the Republicans have managed to win it over the past four election cycles – and by large margins.

The declared Democrat in the race is Courtney Watson, immediate past Chair of the Board of Education. Courtney comes from a political family (her father is a former County Executive) and she seems to aspire to larger roles in politics.

I have met Courtney, and she is pleasant enough. Others have told me they find her personality to be well – political. They say, if you aren't a name or someone important she will walk right past you.

Running the school board is a difficult job. She had a lot of challenges with O'Rourke, redistricting, grade fixing scandals and the release of the school board report on the issue, reinstatement of administrators that the PTA was very upset about, charges from a former Board Member that the BofEd failed the students, Charter Schools, etc. It may come to haunt her in the general election.


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