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HOCO GOP New Leader

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Brian Harlin, formerly vice chairman of the party central committee, is the county GOP's new leader. He said the post fits well with what he does for a living.

Howard Rensin left since his business is requiring a lot more of his time. Referencing Howard Rensin as outspoken is kind of obvious. He led the party he is supposed to be outspoken. Isn't Wendy Fielder outspoken?

Harlin to head county GOP

A lot of speculation that Howard Rensin may have been forced out of the Chairman position.

Not so…. No conspiracy here. It is actually a lot simpler. Rensin doesn't have the time to commit to the GOP effort in an election year. Harlin does and is ideally suited to the role. Rensin recognized it and stepped aside. He should be given credit for not letting the role go to his head, accepting the reality of the competing priorities, and stepping aside for the good of his party.

I would give Wendy Feidler credit for doing the same.


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  1. Great site and interesting commentary

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