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Another word on fundraising (for now).

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, January 23, 2006

The next flurry of campaign finance reports are due in August. Being an election year we know it is going to be very busy for County candidates and difficult for them to raise money.

I give it to Merdon and Ulman for pulling out all the stops now because after the General Assembly session this winter you are going to hear a giant sucking sound.

No, it isn't Ross Perot.

With a US Senate seat and with Government House at stake the GOP and Dems are going to suck all the money out of Maryland. Local candidates are going to have a hard time funding their own campaigns and will be left to fend for themselves. I think they are going to have to get more grass roots oriented (a lot more low cost $25 events). The GOP is only going to fund races that they think they have a chance at and only if it makes Governor Ehrich's next term easier.

Robey has $6,100.00 in the bank? Is he going to self fund against Sandy Schrader? Is he counting on his old friends. Does he really think Sandy Schrader is beatable? Vernon Gray couldn't beat her! Plus Robey is a carpet bagger. He is leaving his current district so he won't have to run against the unbeatable Allan Kittleman. This is a seat the GOP is going to defend. Robey is going to need lots of money with his tax and fee raising record that polls showed would not go well in Kittleman's district. So he thinks District 13 will be friendlier? Well pass out a $.03 property tax cut and maybe you will get a few people to forget about the 30% income tax increase. Apparantly some people have. Byron Macfarlane of Woodstock had his letter to the Sun editor published Is that really how he sees it? In a future post I will publish every single tax and fee increase that Robey forced down our throats and the position of every County Council member on each of those issues. Mr. Macfarlane and his ilk needs a slight reminder that an election year tax cut is not laudible – it is pure politics.

Back to Courtney Waton, my friend, David Wissing, at The Hedge Hog Report, speculated that Courtney raised most of her money this summer when speculation was that she might run for County Executive. Turns out to not be the case. Courtney raised most of her money (56%) in 2005 after declaring her candidacy for District One. In fact the entire summer was pretty arid for her in terms of fundraising, until September when she received $2K in personal donations. Mr. Wissing sent a mea culpa.

I got some comments about an earlier post when I called Courtney ambitious. Well, I need to clarify that statement. Ambition can be a good thing and a bad thing. Anyone aspiring to political office better be ambitious. If they want to represent my interests they had better be able to do so forcefully but professionally. Now some our candidates for local elected office are ambitious, but they are not professional nor diplomatic. They want to force their way of doing things down our throats. Courtney Watson, from what I know and have seen, is ambitious for the right reasons. That isn't to say she doesn't aspire to higher office. Despite protestations to the contrary – I don't think she was prepared to run against Merdon.

Next post on fundraising will be a comparison of the Campaign Finance Reports of Robey, Merdon, Guzzone, Ulman, and Watson going back as far as possible. I am going to look at who is giving money to our local candidates. Stay tuned….


5 Responses to “Another word on fundraising (for now).”

  1. Mary Smith said

    Is it possible that Chris Merdon is familialy related to Courtney Watson? Can anyone confirm? Maybe the family needed time to digest the fact that they’d be running against one another. Could be the most boring race in history.

  2. hocomd said

    ???? Are you making a joke?

  3. Mary Smith said

    Not joking about the familial relationship. However, heard this from one source only, so it would require confirmation.

  4. Mary Smith said

    Familial as in family. Cousins and the like.

  5. hocomd said


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