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Funds flowing for 2006 races

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Larry Carson had more to say about fundraising.

I think it is important to know who where the money is coming from. That is all it tells us though. It doesn't mean that those who give money get influence in return.

Development is a hot button issue in Howard County. Without a PLAN development can overstress our infrastructure (schools, roads, sewers, public safety, etc). To many people development is a four letter word.

Developers are an important part of this community. Some are practical and thoughtful about the community and others are thoughtful about squeezing every dollar they can out of an acre of land. Because they have such a large impact on the quality of life in any community they should have a strong voice in community and government affairs. Our elected officials need to balance out a lot of competing priorities and arguements.

Killing Comp-Lite last year was the right thing to do.

What I would like to see in Larry Carson's next article is how the Department of Planning and Zoning is being run. Who is exerting undo influence in that department? Our elected officials are supposed to stay out of the day to day business of Planning and Zoning. I want to know are they keeping their hands off the department or are they exerting their influence in those processes?

Look at Clarksburg in Montgomery County.. Could that or is that happening in Howard County?

In the end, I am not anti development or anti developer. We need a strong partnership that will better the community. We don't need undue influence.


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