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Ulman Campaign Kickoff

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ken Ulman is kicking off his campaing on February 4th at 10AM in Columbia. A real announcement party.

He posts the announcement on his web site

Thing is, I thought Ken Ulman already kicked off his campaign when he issued a press release to the Post, Times, and the Sun.

For example, this is from the Howard County Times.

Ulman announced his campaign Nov. 18 in a press release.

His campaign will focus on enhancing the community's commitment to "diversity, acceptance and opportunity," he said, adding that he would unveil a specific platform in January. He added that he will work to ensure that the county maintains the high levels of service in public health, education, the environment and other areas that it attained under Robey.

What is my point here? When it was announced that Chris Merdon would be holding an official announcement on November 19th, Ken Ulman ran to the fax machine on November 18th and released a press notice that he too would run for County Executive. Look at the press release. No details about his position – he even says so himself. One of many ME TOO moments I expect to hear from Ulman over the next 9 months.

Now some people will say that is politics and if you can't take it get out of it. Let me make these couple of points before you, dear reader, go on to something a lot more interesting (assuming you got this far).

Why did he do that? The question is tongue in cheek. It was pre-emptive. He wanted a distraction from Merdon's announcement. He didn't want Merdon to make a big splash in the papers (solo anyway). He wanted to cool things down for the Merdon campaign.

So now that Ulman has announced that he will once again announce his entry in to the Howard County Executive Race at an official announcement party, what will Merdon do prior to February 4th? If I know this guy he is going to take the high road and let Ulman have his day in the sun and beat him at the polls later.

For a guy who said he was going to campaign on issues and not pull any of this petty stuff I would say Ulman is off to a great start. Not surprising to me. He set the tone for his campaign in November and an Ulman Administration.


One Response to “Ulman Campaign Kickoff”

  1. Wow – sounds just like what Republican Salazar did. Watson’s campaign announcement was set and he ran to the fax machine the day prior and said “ME TOO!” It’s the oldest and weakest political trick in the book. Anyone who does that is not operating from a position of strength.

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