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Tom Snyder who?

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, January 26, 2006

I overlooked this yesterday.

State environmental official is resigning post

The director of the Maryland Department of the Environment's air pollution control division said yesterday that he is resigning to run for political office in Howard County.

Thomas C. Snyder, a 14-year veteran of the department, said his resignation is effective Feb. 3.

"I was not pushed out. It was my own decision," Snyder said. "I like to believe that I'm a strong environmentalist … and I feel I can make an impact in Howard County, where we have a big growth problem that I'd like to talk about."

Snyder, 50, who lives in Ellicott City, said he will announce later what he's running for.

His decision to step down comes as his agency is rewriting air pollution rules proposed by the Ehrlich administration in November.

Well who is he and what is he running for? Rumor has it he may run for County Executive. He is a registerd Republican living in Ellicott City. Will Merdon have a primary? Good, it will help him sharpen his message.

Interestingly enough he has a letter to the editor in the Howard County Times today.

Inter-agency cooperation will help prevent tragedies

Honestly, I am active in the party and I never heard of this guy. Ok, maybe he was the guy people mentioned to me last summer that may come from State Government and run for District One. I don't remember if he was the guy or not. Point is what kind of support from the Party does he think he is going to get? The Centeral Committee by its own rules will remain neutral in a primary, but some of the most active members of the Central Committee are active on Merdon's campaign. If Tom Snyder ever showed up at a GOP Club function I would not know about it.

He has every right to run. But you would think he would have some kind of track record with the local party. Don't you?


5 Responses to “Tom Snyder who?”

  1. Anonymous said

    I heard tonight that it is almost definite that Mr. Snyder will challenge Merdon for the GOP nomination for County Executive. Unfortunately, this is going to cause problems for the Howard County Republican Central Committee and other local GOP orgainzations in that they now have to remain neutral until a nominee is chosen and can’t ramp up and fully help Mr. Merdon’s campaign until after September 12th.

    But you may be right, a primary for Merdon may force him to hone his message and may be better for him in the long run.

  2. timactual said

    I am not sure, but I think that state civil service employees are prohibited from being active in politics. This would explain why you have not heard of him. At any rate, he must be serious if he quit his job to enter into such an uphill campaign. That is certainly more of a sacrifice than most other political candidates seem willing to make.

  3. Anonymous said

    Snyder wants to run as an independent.

  4. Anonymous said

    Of course, whether or not he meets the residency requirement is the question. Evidently he was not aware you must live in HC for 5 years to run for CE. He registered to vote in 2003 in HC.

  5. hocoblog said

    Anonymous, Interesting point.

    Timactual, given the enormous commitment of time most elected official must make to serve in that capacity – I call that serious sacrifice.

    I know two members of Council who, during the budget time, spend weeks meeting together up until 1AM pooring over County financials and the CEs proposed budget. Others, they rubber stamp it…

    Serve on the School Board…. That takes up a lot of personal time.

    Why Merdon wants to give up a very good career (VP Sales at ACS I believe) to be County Executive is beyond me? The time differential the money differential….

    Ulman reportedly has a good law practice.

    I give them both credit.

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