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City fails reform test

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, January 27, 2006

From the Baltimore Sun

Only 42 percent of Baltimore's classroom teachers are considered "highly qualified" under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, according to a report presented to the state school board yesterday.

By comparison, 78 percent of teachers in Baltimore County and 84 percent of teachers in Anne Arundel County meet the criteria, which require teachers to be certified and show expertise in the subjects they teach.

What I find most interesting about this article is that Martin O'Malley wasn't quoted at all and neither was City Hall

Go to Martin O'Malley's campaign web site and you will find this statement:

Martin O’Malley believes the most important opportunity we can provide a child is a first rate education – whether they’re rich or poor. Martin O’Malley has aggressively reformed and rebuilt the school system to make it accountable, responsive and equipped to make strategic investments – that will pay off now and in the future.

And this

Martin O’Malley gave a major speech to the Maryland State Teachers Association in October and unveiled a bold plan to ensure our state keeps and recruits the best teachers. It includes making salaries and pensions more competitive with other states and creating a strong mentoring program for new teachers.

Fittingly, I guess, this article doesn't appear any where on his web site.

O'Malley is quick to take credit for the positive, and just as quick to blame others for the City's problems. Especially education. Remember when the School System was on the brink of bankruptcy? It wasn't his fault. Then he bailed them out with a loan from the City's rainy day fund instead of accepting money from the State. He did this knowing full well that a State payment of $45M was due to the City School system and as such would be in a position to quickly pay the loan back. Political manuevering of the 100th degree.

Why no comments from the Mayor or City Hall on this? Where is Doug Duncan?

Next round of good news for City schools and O'Malley will be all over it.

If he makes it to Government House it won't be long before he takes credit for Howard County's fine school system – just before he ruins it.


One Response to “City fails reform test”

  1. Anonymous said

    Where was O’Malley when the Baltimore City School Audit came out saying that dead people were still on the payrolls?

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