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Preserving Doughregan, Developing Columbia…

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, January 29, 2006

I didn’t have a lot to say on this topic. Not because I don’t think it is important, but that I recognize that I need a lot more information before I express an opinion. This is an area I am admitedly weak, but HayDuke has a lot to say and its worth reviewing.

Mary Catherine Cochran’s heart is the in the right place. “I want to see the Carrolls rewarded for 300 years of stewardship”. So do I, and Hayduke picks up on this theme as well. I applaud Ms. Cochran’s sentiments though I note her concerns about the Carroll’s requests. Rewarded they should be, but fairly.

Now I have a lot of sympathy for the Carrolls. As Irish Catholics they lived through a period of our history when Irish and Catholic wasn’t much appreciated – believe me it got worse as time went on. But the Carrolls were gentrified. They were land owners and their weren’t many Irish Catholics in the world that enjoyed the type of stature and priveleges that they did.

Another reason I am sympathetic is that I am a proud Irish American. I was just awakening and learning to appreciate my Irish heritage when I first learned about the Carroll family. They are among the most admired Irish American Familys in our country. The family produced the first Catholic Bishop on the Continent, and a signer of the declaration of independence.

I want to see them and the Manor survive for another 300 years. What the best course of action is remains to be seen.


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See Tom Run?

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, January 29, 2006

It has come to my attention that Thomas C. Snyder plans to run for Howard County Executive not as a Republican but as an Independent, thereby sparing the GOP a primary challenge. Turns out the real question is, "Does he meet the eligiblity requirements to run for Howard County Executive.?"

Mr. Snyder announced his plans to run for a public office in Howard County in the Baltimore Sun. I have not yet seen any formal announcement as to which office he will seek, but rumors persist that he will run for County Executive.

However, it remains to be seen if Mr. Snyder will meet the minimum eligibility requirement to run for the office.

He has resigned (or may do so soon) from his position in State Government which will meet one of the requirements.

Article III of the County Code Section 302

(b) Qualifications.
1. In General. The Executive shall be a resident of the County for a period of not less than five years immediately prior to election and a registered voter at the time of filing for candidacy and shall be not less than thirty years of age at the time of his or her election.
2. Other Offices. No person shall qualify or serve as Executive while holding any other office of profit or trust of or under State, County or Federal government; while employed by the County; or while employed by any agency, board, commission, unit or other entity which receives funds through the County budget. No Executive shall, during the whole term for which he or she was elected, be eligible for appointment to any County office or position or be eligible for employment by the County.
3. Forfeiture of office. If an Executive ceases to be a registered voter of the County or is convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude, he or she shall immediately forfeit his or her office.

According to voter registration records Mr. Snyder registered to vote in Howard County in October of 2003. Additionally, according to The Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, HOWARD COUNTY, Real Property Data Search, Mr. Snyder and his wife purchased their current home in April of 2003.

Since the voter registration and Real Property data both match in 2003 one has to wonder if Mr. Snyder will meet the residency eligibility requirements.

I am sure we will find out soon enough if Mr. Snyder resided in Howard County prior to the purchase of his current home.

If it turns out that Mr. Snyder lived outside of Howard County prior to April of 2003 one also has to wonder "What was he thinking?" and "I hope he can get his job back". For one considering such a major undertaking one would think he would be a little more diligent in his research. But as I said earlier. It remains to be seen.

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