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Chief Livesay

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Hedgehog Report and Hayduke have had their say. I have been holding off on saying anything not because I don't have an opinion, but because I didn't want to be rash in anything I had to contribute to the conversation. Now that it has sunk in and I consider the statement of my peers. Hayduke

I don’t think his party switching will matter as much to the regular voters as it does to party insiders, who usually take their party way too seriously anyway. I think voters want someone they know and trust, and that’s what Livesay is.

Nothing could be more true. I deeply resent Livesay switching parties to support Robey and now switching back to the GOP to run in a heavily GOP district. Unfortunately, Hayduke is probably right about how most voters will feel about it. As Mr. Wissing puts it. Opportunistic

You do have to wonder about the deeply-held beliefs of a guy who will switch parties at a drop of the hat in order to advance his political career. District 5 is a heavily Republican area, which is most likely why Livesay wants to switch parties yet again back to Republican.

Greg Fox, who has been campaigning for almost a year already has the support of the GOP. More importantly he has Allan Kittleman's support. That is name recognition enough to help Greg in a primary. The Kittleman's are not a political dynasty, they can't annoint anyone. However, the family is deeply respected in the district and Allan's support goes a long way in helping Greg. Some people, despite acknowleging that to win in District 5 you have to run as a Republican, think that the Republicans should be grateful that Chief Livesay would even consider running as a Republican as if that will ensure the seat for the GOP. For Pete's Sake. If you think he stands a chance then why isn't he running as a Democrat? I will lay odds that won't ever happen. Livesay has no choice but to run as a Republican in that district. A Democrat has no chance – at all. And PLEASE, that is the point! The guy left the party and now he is switching back so he can win. That is plain bullcrap. Livesay needs the GOP a lot more than the GOP needs him PERIOD. If he wins will he vote as a Republican or as a Democrat? Who knows and who can trust him? I wouldn't risk trusting that he would support Republicans on critical votes. And what about this…. What would prevent him from switching back to Democrat again after he wins in a Republican district? Here is a great idea. The Republicans just won't run anyone for the seat and let the Democrats have it? In the end, what would be the difference. Lets remind our readers about Chief Livesay's reasons in 2002 for switching parties in the first place. He wanted to 'clear my consience' because he supports gun control. Well lots of Republicans support gun control and guess what? They are still Republicans. So, Chief, do you support gun control any less than you did before? No?! So, tell us what else has changed to persuade you to come back to the Grand Old Party? Oh, you are running for elected office representing a heavily Republican district. I believe it when people say Chief Livesay is hard working, is known as a direct, no-nonsense chief who does not waste words, and neither ego nor humor gets in his way. That doesn't mean he isn't being 101% opportunistic, and he isn't willing to disregard his principles. That, my dear reader, are the reasons why I don't respect the Chief's decision. He does not make for the kind of Council member I am looking for.


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