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Chief Livesay II

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, February 28, 2006

From the Washington Post's Amit Paley

Unease Over Police Chief's Campaign

I think Amit got it right on this one.

I am sure that Chief Livesay is a standup guy, despite some recent issues in the department.

Despite what the County Code says, I think that now he is a registered candidate (despite my feelings about his choice of parties) it would serve him and the County best to resign from the police department.

Any appearance of impropriety. Common cause put it best.

"The bottom-line question is, will the influence of campaign money affect the way he performs his job?" said Bobbie Walton, executive director of Common Cause Maryland. "The fact that he has the ability to arrest people and even put them in jail creates more of a concern."

We will know a lot more tomorrow after his meeting with Robey.

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