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Chief Livesay Is Staying – For Now.

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, March 1, 2006

The Chief will stay through or up until April of this year. At that point he will take an early retirement.

All this according to Larry Carson's story in The Baltimore Sun. I give him credit. I think he is doing the right thing by the department and the community. This shows he is a stand up guy – despite his "political opportunism".

Larry goes on to discuss possible friction in the GOP because of the Chief's "political opportunism".

Larry spoke to our current Council Member in District Five.

County Councilman Charles C. Feaga, a western county Republican, has jumped firmly on Livesay's bandwagon…

"I want someone to represent us who knows that section of the county," Feaga said. "[Livesay] went to school at Glenelg High with some of the farm kids out there. He knows [the area] so well, and he's very active in his church — a religious person.

"You have to realize that before politics you have to look at issues and the person," Feaga added

Charlie, you need to look at yourself. Many people still carry a grudge with you because they think you are the reason Jim Robey won County Executive in 1998. For our readers here is the background.

A nasty GOP primary ensued in 1998 between Charlie Feaga and Denis Schrader. Schrader won, Charlie was pissed and swung his support to Robey and actively campaigned for him. I think he even showed up at a Robey rally. I got all this second hand – I was living in Baltimore City at the time.

Charlie, I would also encourage you to take your own advise "…look at issues and the person…" What do you know about Greg Fox? What do you have to say about the Chief's political opportunism? Before you "look at a person" do you have to fist consider where they were born and went to school?

Another question. Charlie, are you sure that the Chief won't switch parties again if he were to win the general election? Given the warm support of Ulman and Guzzone who see a potential ally in the Chief I don't put this scenerio far outside the realm of possibility.

Greg has a wife and a family living in District 5 and is deeply concerned about the way of live in the District. He knows the issues, wants to campaign and has been campaigning. He is devoted to doing this. To Greg this is not his retirement hobby.


2 Responses to “Chief Livesay Is Staying – For Now.”

  1. Robert Ballinger said

    I could not say it any better, I think Mr. Feaga should take a look at the New Republican Party in Howard County. We have a Party of strong ,forward thinking, community envolved leaders who have invested thier energy in changing the old philosophy of this county. I believe Greg Fox understands what a family with kids in school, working hard to enjoy a nice lifestyle needs from this county.Our Chairman has stated One Howard County Many Victories and Mr. Feaga needs to support that.

  2. Anonymous said

    Kudo’s to Mr. Keelan for pointing out the snake at the garden party. Howard County Republicans have no problem with Democrats reforming themselves and joining our Grand Old Party, however if you switch from the GOP to support your old buddy the Democrat County Executive and Publicly denounce Republicans then we need to draw the line. We have a great candidate in Greg Fox for County Council in 5 and if the Chief is serious he should resign and tell all of us what his views are on Republican issues like tax relief and gun ownership…..–>

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