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The Me Too Kid strikes again…

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, March 7, 2006

On February 19, 2006 the Baltimore Sun reported on campaigning activity in Howard County.

County Council Chairman Christopher J. Merdon, a Republican running for county executive…and several fellow Republicans have been out waving signs and knocking on doors several times a week for months — rain, snow or shine.

Some, such as County Councilman Ken Ulman, a west Columbia Democrat running for county executive, haven't begun street campaigning.

"I think the grass-roots efforts are good ideas generally," he said, though he worried a bit about distracting drivers with a big sign in rush hour. "I'm not doing it in winter."

Well, guess what. Ken Ulman has been spotted “Sign Waving” today, March 7, 2006 only a mere 16 days after being quoted above in The Baltimore Sun.

Why do I want to bring this to your attention? For a number of reasons:

First, Mr. Ulman has reportedly conducted a poll. I have not heard the details or the results of the poll. I suspect that the results were not good if he reversed himself and started sign waving.

If that is the case then Mr. Ulman should take a page from Jim Robey’s playbook and move to Montgomery County and run for County Executive there.

[If you recall Jim Robey conducted a poll to measure his prospects in a Senate run against Allen Kittleman and the results told him to sell his house and move to Sandy Schrader’s district and run against her because he had a better chance.]

Second, he could be concerned or his backers are getting concerned people or maybe because Merdon has be sign waving in Ulman's backyard for a year. Probably and most likely he started sign waving because it appears to work for Mr. Merdon.

Why else should he contradict his statements from February 19th, and his legislation which banned all roadside activities that might cause a distraction to drivers on county roads? Is he getting desperate this early?

Perhaps you will also recall that almost two years ago legislation that Mr. Ulman’s created and ushered it through County Council that banned all roadside activity on County Roads went into effect. The genesis of the legislation was safety because drivers were being distracted. The original legislation would have presumably included sign waving. If it hadn’t been for the efforts of then County Councilman Allen Kittleman, who managed to water down Mr. Ulman’s original legislation, then Mr. Ulman might not have had the opportunity to contradict himself and go sign waving today. Unintended consequences?


3 Responses to “The Me Too Kid strikes again…”

  1. Anonymous said

    Well, I bet Kenny is a real target for forfingers out on the county roads – maybe its why he wanted to ban the practice.

  2. I was going to write something up about this but you beat me to it.

    I actually saw him and one other person standing at the intersection of Broken Land and Snowden River Parkway on my way into work on Monday, probably around 7:30am or so.

  3. Anonymous said

    Oh, the irony is delicious!!
    Excellent job!

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