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Piling it on…. BGE rates

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, March 16, 2006

The State Democratic Party put this out.

Annapolis, MD – “We know Governor Ehrlich is not a part of the solution and from the evidence we see he’s a big part of the problem,” says Terry Lierman, Chair of The Maryland Democratic Party. “The Ehrlich Way’ is to sit on the sidelines, let his friends collect skyrocketing power rates and try to figure out how he can blame others for his PSC’s decisions – that’s just not good enough for the citizens of Maryland.”

The Maryland Democratic Party is going on air with :60 second radio spots to tell Marylanders the truth about Bob Ehrlich. Over a million Marylanders are facing a 72% electricity rate hike, approved by the Ehrlich appointed Public Service Commission. Despite his claims to the contrary Ehrlich has no plan to address the issue and has made no effort to find a solution. Ehrlich is not leading, he’s hiding.

“Ehrlich claims he’s unhappy with what his PSC has done but he’s done nothing to address it and he refuses to fire them,” says Lierman. “All talk and no action makes Ehrlich something less than the leader he claims to be.”

The Maryland Democratic Party revealed recently that while in Congress, Ehrlich was the top congressional recipient of BGE campaign contributions. From 1993 to 2000 he received over $27,000.00 from BGE and voted in favor of federal legislation that removed barriers from deregulation. Since coming into office three years ago Ehrlich has gutted the professional staff, appointed political cronies to the commission and put his former congressional and state aid, Craig Chesek, in place as the PSC’s chief administrator. In the PSC’s own organizational chart, Ehrlich sits at the very top.

“Ehrlich is responsible for his PSC’s actions, and the people he hired are straight out of the same industry that will get a 72% rate increase so this Ehrlich rate hike should be no surprise to anyone,” adds Lierman.

You can hear the radio spot by going to or,

William Donald Schafer is calling Governor Erlich, "Parris Jr."

The Baltimore Sun did a hit piece on the PSC members.
At least they haven't taken down Dan Roderick's article on the genesis of this mess.

Can it get any worse for the Guv?

I doubt it… I also think that voters are more sophisticated than people are giving them credit for.

This all happened in 1999. Guess who will fix it? Governor Ehrlich and his administration. Will everyone be pleased? No! So the criticism will continue long after it is solved, and I am sure that the Democrats (who are primarily responsible for this situation) will try to keep it alive all they way through November.

Comes down to this. In 1999 the Democrats tried to do the right thing. They had support from everyone (practically). Problem is that no one can predict the future of increasing energy costs. Oh wait, prior to 1999 their was no unrest in the mid-east or emerging industrial powers in the world or any such thing as natural disasters? No one anticipated what price caps would do to emerging competition. Oh wait, price caps. Hmmm. Buy energy on the open market and sell it at a predetermined price (by statute) to consumers and make a profit. Yeah, that makes lots of sense.

This issue is being spun so out of control I think it will hit orbit around the moon by July 1st.

O'Malley is dancing in the streets since the focus is now off his crime statistics. He shouldn't relax on that issue, because Doug Duncan won't.


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