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Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, March 26, 2006

When Chris Merdon made his comments regarding Jim Robey's use of the County web site Merdon rightfully called Robey on the carpet for politicizing the County web site for his own purposes.

He does politicise the site. Go read it ( County Executive did this, that, and had PBJ for lunch (you can hear him chewing on one of his podcasts). The power of incumbancy.

Merdon's comments about the County Executive and the County web site came on the heels of a mis-statement that the Council could take advantage of new technology that the county may soon implement if the Executive gave his approval. Well, I would have taken a firm stance agains the County Execuive too. Why should the executive have any say over the Council web site or the judicial branch web site, or the school board web site, etc.?

This story is simply this.

A NON-STORY. Is the news so slow….


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