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Council Vacancy – District Two

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hayduke has a good post on this.

I think the general sentiment about David Rakes is that he is devoted to the community, wants to do the right thing, but for a number of reasons couldn't take it anymore. The Republican's and Democrats have differing opinions on what those "number of reasons" could be, but I don't think we should kid ourselves.

He didn't get the respect he deserved from Mssrs. Ulman and Guzzone. He found respect in Mssrs. Merdon and Feaga who naturally needed his support. When Rakes did the unthinkable and formed a coalition with the GOP he became unwelcome in his own party.

We have read what Ulman said in the paper. I wonder what he said outside of earshot of a reporter.

In the end Mr. Rakes was prepared for community service, but not for politics.

Now, who is going to get the appointment?

I think it will be Calvin Ball. The Democrats want to keep this seat and will do what is right for the party. Forget neutrality. This is an election year after all.

I met Calvin Ball four years ago and I still remember him. He is very articulate, presents himself very well, seems to be well liked – simply very polished. I don't know much more about him except that he seems to be very popular among the Democrats.

What some people have told me is that he is an independent thinker and NOT "an attack dog".

I am wondering what Ken Ulman thinks about all of this. I would think that he would want to turn these events to his advantage. Chris Merdon has lost a reliable vote in David Rakes and this could be a disadvantage for him – thus an advantage for Ulman. However, will Ulman want more? Maybe he wants exercise a heavy hand in the process and hand pick the appointee so he has more influence on the Council. I don't know. It is all speculation.

Will Ulman take an active role in the selection process? I am sure he will.
Will Ulman do so publicly or behind the scenes? I think he can't help himself and can't avoid being seen as the man of action and will be public about it.
If he is public about it that would infer that he will promote a particular candidate. Would he take that risk? How would it look if his candidate isn't appointed?

This is a lot more speculative and intriguing than when Allan Kittleman was appointed to the Maryland Senate, and then Charlie Feaga was appointed to County Council.

On Charlie's appointment to County Council. I wonder if the Republican Central Committee knew then what it knows now (Chief Livesay) if they would have appointed Charlie Feaga to the seat. Perhaps something for the Democrats to keep in mind.

One Response to “Council Vacancy – District Two”

  1. Anonymous said

    I’m sorry but Rakes was WAY past his ability to effectively represent his constituents, and those are the people who elected him to serve. Merdon was lucky that he had Rakes’ vote as long as he did. Now, back to the game.

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