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Capital Budget – Education

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, April 2, 2006

I find it interesting that Mr. Robey highlights contributions to the Board of Education capital budget every single year. This year he highlights the cummulative capital funding this way

FY2007 funding would bring three year total for schools to $262 million

Lets be more specific here in case some people are misled. $262 million is a lot of money but as a percentage of the entire capital budget it is only represents 34% of the total capital budget over 3 years. The percentage of contributions to education has been declining steadily over the same time period which some people might call a cut in funding – thus, perhaps, the slight of hand.

2005: $94.7 milllion for education and 48% of the capital budget
2006: $78 million and 33% of the capital budget
2007: $80 million and 24% of the capital budget

Good? Bad? You decide.

I think he knows he may get blasted in some quarters for the drastic increase in the capital budget and how little (as a percentage of the budget) education is getting despite the much needed improvements the school board has asked for.


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