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Michael Steele’s Fundraising –

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Maryland State Democratic Party and Maryland State Chair Terry Lierman accuses Michael Steele of raising money from a Republican President, Republican Activists, Conservative Groups, and of courting other National Republican Elected Officials.

If Mr. Lierman is correct then I find this to be simply outrageous!

Who does Michael Steele think he is? A Conservative Republican!?"

Steele's Fundraising: A Who’s Who List Of Bush Republicans

Steele Took Thousands In $$ Right Wing Cash at Fundraisers with Bush, Cheney, Card, Former RNC Chair Ed GillespieBush, Cheney, and Conservative Money Machine Get Behind One of Their Own

Michael Steele continues to rake in millions of dollars in national Republican money with the full support of the Bush White House and Bush RNC. Of the $1.3 million he raised this quarter how much came from national Republican sources? In this quarter he held fundraisers with Vice President Dick Cheney, then White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, former RNC chair Ed Gillespie, and Republican Senators George Allen and John Warner.

Maryland State Chair Terry Lierman said, “Michael Steele’s ATM card is from the Bush bank and dispenses arch conservative cash. We know that the national Republicans are going to raise money for Steele because he’s one of their own. The question is how much did he raise at his fundraisers with Dick Cheney, White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, and former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie? We eagerly await Steele’s fundraising disclosure next week so we can see just how much money came from the national Bush right wing machine. We know he’s going to
have the money – it’s important for Marylanders to remember the truth that Michael Steele’s campaign coffers and conservative ideas both come from George Bush and his right wing cronies.”

Steele’s First Quarter Take Includes 4/8/06 Fundraiser Headlined by Vice President Dick Cheney. [Washington Post, 4/8/06]

Former Chair of the RNC Hosted a First Quarter Fundraiser at His Home for Steele Headlined By Senators Warner and Allen: LG Michael Steele (R) held a 3/13 fundraiser w. Sens. John Warner (R-VA) and George Allen (R-VA) at the home of ex-RNC chair Ed Gillespie and Kathy Gillespie in Alexandria. (NOVA GOP release, 3/1, reported on the Hotline).

White House COS Andrew Card Headlined A First Quarter Fundraiser at Bush “Ranger” House in NYC: White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card will headline a fundraiser for Steele’s senate campaign on March 8 at the New York home of Mallory Factor, a Bush “Ranger” and chairman of a prominent conservative think tank who has been called “the ATM of Bush’s America.” [Washington Post, 3/5/06]

10 Bush Pioneers and Rangers Support Steele: Wayne L. Berman (Ranger),Charles R. Black (Pioneer), Cesar V. Conda (Pioneer), Alan B. Fabian (Pioneer), Mallory Factor (Ranger), Jonathan Javitt (Pioneer), Mary Kate Johnson (Ranger) Shelly Kamins (Ranger), Munr Kazmir (Ranger), Robert L. Wright (Pioneer). [FEC reports]

By Dec. 31, 2005 Steele Took Almost $120,000 From National Republican PACs. Steele took $119,000 from national Republican PACs including $5,000 from Montana Senator Conrad Burns who is ensnared in the Jack Abramoff scandal, $8,000 from right wing Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, $37,000 from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and $1,000 from Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. [FEC report]

Last Quarter Steele Raised $500,000 From His Bush Fundraiser – Over Half His Total. Steele raised over $500,000 with President Bush on November 30, 2005, more than half the $800,000 he raised in the last quarter of 2005. [Baltimore Sun, 12/1/05, FEC reports]

Steele Takes Money From Same Ultra Right Group That Supports Santorum: Steele is also receiving bundled campaign contributions from “Legacy” – a group of conservative families that has also committed to bundle money in 2006 for Sen. Rick Santorum. According to the National Journal, Legacy members “must profess their belief in God and pledge their fealty to conservative principles guided by Judeo-Christian values. Most are Protestants; a majority is evangelical.” There is also “uniform agreement about the . . . tragedy of abortion.” [National
Journal, 2/1/06]

Steele Takes Money From Ultra Conservative Anti-Choice Organization: Steele has received more than 115 contributions from The Madison Project, an ultra-conservative organization that only endorses “Republicans who clearly demonstrate their conservatism.” The project’s stated values are Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Limited Government, Defenders of Religious Freedom.” A quick look at the group’s website shows links to articles questioning Darwin’s theory of
evolution and advocating the abolishment of a woman’s right to choose. [Washington Post, 2/5/06]

Steele Took $5,000 from Rep. Jim McCrery’s PAC; McCrery Is Lead Advocate For Social Security Privatization. Key House Republicans offered a Social Security plan Thursday that they described as a first step toward personal investment accounts. The plan was offered by Rep. Jim McCrery, R-La., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee's Social Security subcommittee, and Rep. E. Clay Shaw Jr., R-Fla., the panel's immediate past chairman. [FEC reports; Cox News Service, 6/22/05]


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