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Frank DeFilippo on the 2006 General Assembly

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, April 13, 2006

Darwinian Politics from Mr. Liberal himself.

…Democrats outdid themselves when it came to stacking the deck in favor of survival. They reworked a bill establishing early elections while Republicans stormed out of the Senate chamber in disgust and protest.

Under the rewrite, Democrats designated 20 heavily Democratic polling places where voting machines will be placed five days before fall elections in what they say is an effort to attract greater voter participation by legalizing early voting. Yeah! That and the moon is made of Gorgonzola. Irv Kovens and Jack Pollack would have loved this law.

And when it came down to a state takeover of 11 failing schools in Baltimore, city legislators – all Democrats — put their manhood on the line and their votes in the “no” column in spite of a federal law allowing the takeover and the threat of losing $171 million in school aid from Washington.

Led by an emotional Sen. Nathaniel McFadden, and with heavy support from Prince George’s County – next on the state takeover list – the legislature voted to delay the handoff for one year to give the schools more time to come up to snuff.

They voted, in effect, to save themselves at the expense of the failing schools and throwaway kids.

Ehrlich, as promised, vetoed the bill, along with seven others.

In the end, the voters will decide whether the fittest will survive.


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