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2006 General Assembly II

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, April 14, 2006

The Sun Lies has this simple post titled "Stories You Won't Find In The Sun"

The Sun doesn't need me to defend them, and I won't. In this case The Sun Lies' post links to some articles on the dismal performance of the 2006 General Assembly. However, the Baltimore Sun has a couple of articles that I would call less than gleeming.

April 12th – Assembly minds business

Additionally, Gregory Kane and Dan Rodericks have been writing on electricity rates and the School take over and they haven't been kind to the General Assembly or O'Malley.

I wouldn't say any thing about their op/ed. I think the Sun is biased, and I enjoy them being called on it too.

What I like about the post referenced is that the links contained within are all of a consistent theme/opinion yet come from different papers. The question comes down to this for me.

Who are the voters going to be disgusted with come November? Do they really have short memories? In my opinion the one party system walked all over the Governor – they beat him silly. However, in the process I think the voters will be disgusted with the way Mike and Mike ran the show. They are gone until January 2007. The Governor owns the bully pulpit, he is going to solve the electrical rate problem and Mike and Mike will be on the sidelines.

Additionally, they energized the GOP base and alienated a lot of Independants. If voters have long term memories not only will Ehrlich win, the GOP is going to pick up a few Delegates and a few Senators. Thanks to the Mike and Mike show.

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