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Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You decide.

Here is a chart comparing rates by State.

Currently Maryland ranks 19 out of 50 States and DC. Maryland averages $.0783 per kWh compared to the national average of $.0955. We are lower than the Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic regions.

If we take $.0783 x 1.72 we come up with an average rate of $.134 per kWh. Now this is a quick swag because not all of Maryland is facing a 72% increase in rates, however since $.0783 is the State average I think it is close enough. This moves us up to one of the top 10 states.

Keep in mind that BGE rates are an $.08 per kWh (less if you use more than 500 KW per month and the average is 830 KW per month). A 72% increase brings is up to over $.1388 per kWh which ranks them number 44 on the list (1 being the lowest rates).

For surrounding States here are the average rates.

West Virginia – 5.9
Virginia – 7.69
Ohio – 8.4
Delaware – 8.45
North Carolina – 8.72
District of Columbia – 9.11
Pennsylvania – 9.6
New Jersey – 11.26
New York – 16.38

Many of these States are going to experience rate increases as well as a result of the same pressures facing BGE and deregulation schemes. So these numbers will change upward.

These figures are as of January 2006.


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