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Worth Consideration II

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, April 30, 2006

Larry Carson wrote a very good article on this Republican proposal. In it he quoted a number of current and hopeful politicians.

What they said

Chris Merdon (R): County Council District One and County Executive Candidate called it a "creative, out-of-the-box" notion. "I want to take some time to collect data and determine the fiscal impact," before deciding whether to support it

Charlie Feaga (R): County Council District Five said making the assessment cap protection portable would require more administrative bureaucracy. "I think their energies would be better put toward pushing for a lower assessment cap,"

Guy Guzzone (D): County Council District Three said, "It's very short on details," …"To put something like this out without really knowing the effect
it might have is dangerous and smells more of a stunt than anything else."

Don Dunn (D) running for County Council District Five , said the idea is "ridiculous" because it would mean more real estate sales, thus fueling the new-home market and promoting development. "What we need to do for seniors is to allow them to age in place and not shuffle them around," Dunn said, adding that the idea would also encourage housing speculation by investors.

Courtney Watson (D) running for County Council District One, said, "Without any supporting data, it is impossible to evaluate it."

In short:

Merdon and Watson want more details.
Guzzone, Feaga, and Dunn don't like it.

Ulman, Ball, Sigaty, and Feldmark are not quoted.

If this is a stunt why would it be proposed this early in the election cycle when everyone has time enough to evaluate the merits of such a proposal? The data is available. The Republicans have stuck their collective neck out over the chopping block. This proposal could be easily discredited or proven to be feasible. As Hayduke said, at least these 5 are proving they can work together. If the proposal is feasible will Guzzone change his tune?

Additionally, this benefits HoCo residents only. Help families upgrade their homes and help Seniors age in place as they downsize their homes. If Seniors take advantage of this they make existing housing stock available to families who seek to upgrade their homes. We recycle the housing stock. We don't increase it. The HoCo family seeking to purchase an existing home are in a better position in a competitive bidding situation than the family coming in from out of the County, as is the Senior seeking to downsize.

Anyone know where I can get the most recent home sales in HoCo? In order to evaluate this we would need some other information that might not be available.

Of those home sales how many were intra-County transactions?
What is the tranfer tax fees


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