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Could their be a worse candidate

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sexual Harrassment

1 pending law suit
1 settled law suit


Alledges he doesn't know a thing about them. Who is in charge over there?

NAACP charges racial profiling

Public Communications Errors that distress victims families and friends

Rt 175 and I 95

Switches parties depending upon which party is running County Government

Anything you want to add?


7 Responses to “Could their be a worse candidate”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hmmm – Attempted to bring Speed Cameras to Howard County Streets to replace officers on the “beat”. Would rather have offices writing citations for seat belt use then correcting the condition the cameras were supposdly needed for – speeding near our schools and in our communities – is there a problem with speeding or are we just trying to get any media story we can?

  2. Anonymous said

    The NAACP charge of profiling in Howard County traffic stops is really astonishing, especially since the proportion of blacks in the group of motorists pulled over is not particularly far off the proportion of blacks in the surrounding populations. Interestingly, even in widely publicized profiling cases (e.g. the New Jersey case from a few years back), it has been shown that young black males are in fact more likely to disregard traffic laws than other demographic groups. You could argue that this is due to a racist environment they live in, but that has nothing to do with whether they committed a violation and should be pulled over.
    Rather than blaming HoCo law enforcement for racial profiling, why don’t we instead blame them for gender profiling? I don’t have any numbers in front of me, but I’m fairly sure that sixty to seventy-five percent of tickets are given to men, even though men make up slightly under fifty percent of the population. Yet no one seems to care about this or question why men are more likely than women to drive in a fast and careless fashion.
    The NAACP in Howard County needs to back off the officers who put themselves in harm’s way each day to protect all of the residents of our county without regard to their skin color. When any group of people, whether men or African-Americans or whoever, commits violations out of proportion with their share of the entire population, it’s not the fault of the police; it’s a problem in that particular community.

  3. R Ballinger said

    Where has this candidate been for four years when we have been battling the Robey Agenda? Not collecting petition signatures,working to help local Republican Candidates or even attending Republican Activities as a Democrat.I have seen Mr. Fox there.

  4. Dave W said

    Don’t forget how he couldn’t sleep at night because of the GOP’s position on gun control

  5. Anonymous said

    Free press is a wonderful thing. It allows people to express their personal opinions rather that state actual fact. Often time those opinions are pure fiction. Do you really think Livesay wants to replace officers with cameras….don’t you think seat belt usage is important….did you know that most of the traffic fatalities that have occurred in Howard County this year were individuals who could have lived if ONLY they had been wearing their seatbelts? But lets not talk about the police department (which by the way has been recognized as one of the most professional organizations inthe country), let’s talk about PROVEN leadership.

    All the stuff you talk about is smoke……covering up the real qualities of Wayne Livesay that are what we as residents of District 5 need in a leader.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for spreading inaccurate information. Let’s talk about Greg Fox’s experience to be a leader…….does he really have any?

  6. Anonymous said

    YES, there could be and there is a worst candidate….Mr. Greg “Constellation Energy” Fox!

  7. hocomd said

    I get a kick out of comment number 6. Mr. Greg “Constellation Energy” Fox. It might have been the same person who called him Mr. Greg “70% rate hike” Fox.

    I think Greg Fox sells energy management systems to huge energy users – manufacturers and such and has about as much to do with the energy rates as I do with starting the Persian Gulf war in the 1980s.

    I hope this doesn’t stop the Livesay campaign from trying to paint Greg with the blame for the energy rate increases.

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