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Fox Adams Livesay

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, May 12, 2006

I got a couple comments about my posts regarding Wayne Livesay that are simply not worth posting. They attack Mr. Fox and/or Mr. Adams and refuse to address the issues I raise concerning Mr. Livesay's fitness for elected office.

Normally I approve any post except spam and those containing profanity. Other than those criteria these are the only posts I refused to publish since I have had this blog.

If anyone wants to address the issues about Mr. Livesay that I have brought up for discussion I would be happy to post your comments. If you have substantial issues regarding other candidates I will publish those as well. However, I won't post simple bashing – my guy is better than your guy or your guy is a (fill in the blank).

Mr. Livesay's long term roots in Western Howard County and term as police coupled with the concerns I raised does not make him a qualified nor the best candidate.

If you have something to contribute (specifically) regarding Mr.Fox's or Mr. Adams' qualifications let me know.


2 Responses to “Fox Adams Livesay”

  1. Anonymous said

    Shouldn’t you tell the readers of this site that you are working on the Fox campaign……an explaination for your slanted views? You say Wayne Livesay is not a leader….you obviously believe everything you read in the papers (the quotes you made about alleged issues with Wayne Livesay’s leadership of the County Police Department). The facts are that you can not believe everything you read in the paper. There are always at least two sides to every story and our local papers are notorious for printing one sensationalized side which often times doesn’t even come close to resembling any truth. You speak highly of Greg Fox…please do tell…what leadership skills and experience does he have?

  2. hocoblog said

    Slanted or not they are my views and it is my web site so I will express my views as I see fit. Guess what? You can express your views here too as long as you keep the language clean. You can even call my views slanted if you want. No offense taken because they are slanted.

    What really really irks me about Mr. Livesay is not that he is running for County Council. It is that he is running for County Council as a Republican, and on top of that – he isn’t the best candidate. Why did he become a Republican again? Why did he leave in the first place? Opportunism. Has he no pride in his convictions?

    For the writer’s gratification. I do not work for the Fox campaign. I don’t have a Fox bumper sticker, nor will I be placing a Fox yard sign in my yard.

    In the interest of full disclosure I am the treasurer of the Howard County Leadership Team Slate. Fox is a member of that slate. That does not mean I am working on his campaign – which is different and seperate from the Slate.

    I know Greg. Have for a few years. I like him, he is honest, very intelligent, a fine family, hard worker, very juicious in expressing his opinions. He is a life long republican, 17 year resident of the County. He is a business man who brings a lot of experience with him. In business you learn a great deal about working with people, helping them meet goals and objectives, managing people. That is the Greg Fox I know.

    You don’t have to believe the papers or me. Can you believe a judge?
    Will he settle this one too?

    You are correct. There are two sides to every story and Mr. Livesay has had the opportunity to discuss the other side of the story in the papers and at forums. Are you saying he hasn’t done a good job or not been given the opportunity to explain?

    Can you explain his apparant violation of the Hatch Act? As a public servant with a long (and distinguished) record, the Chief of Police, vast knowledge of the inner workings of County Government I can imagine that this one got by him. However, “conflict of interest” issues were raised back in February and January. Couldn’t a serious leader and manager have looked into that just a little bit more.

    Try this search in Yahoo and see what comes up “prohibited political activity” Yep, that is all it takes to find out about the Hatch Act and potential political campaign conflict of interest.

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