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Gun Control

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ok. A very touchy subject for some people. Right? Me too. But I believe in the constitution and lets leave that at that.

What I want to bring to your attention are two articles that mention Howard County's own Del. Neil F. Quinter in the same breath as Martin O'Malley and Doug Duncan.

Neil must be excited….

Anyway. Neil Quinter has made a habit of introducing gun control legislation over the years and is blaming Bob Ehrlich for standing in the way. Neil is described in the Sun as "a Howard County Democrat and one of the lead proponents of expanding Maryland's assault weapons ban to include military-style rifles". Gov. Ehrlich opposed every bill Quinter introduced and Doug Duncan has made it a campaign issue. Sun Article

Even the University of Maryland's newspaper wrote about Neil, Martin and Doug in the same article.

What brought my attention to this issue was The Sun Lies post "The Real Story With Delegate Quinter And The Sun’s Coverage Of Him" Their accurate vies on this made me laugh.

We were uniquely confused that The Sun neglected to include this detail:

“Quinter introduced bans in each of the last three years, but none have made it out of the House of Delegates. Last year’s version would have outlawed 45 different types of weapons, including various sniper rifles, shotguns and assault rifles.”

But The Sun found it was important to tell us that:

“Quinter, who sponsored the most recent assault weapons ban legislation, said Ehrlich engaged in a fevered, behind-the-scenes effort to kill the legislation when it came close to passage in 2004.”

The Sun Lies editorial

Maybe we should straighten out the record here. The Maryland General Assembly made a point of passing every bill they wanted to last year and this year overriding 37 gubernatorial vetoes, but Delegate Quinter couldn’t pass his Assault Weapons Ban because the Governor stood in the way? How can The Sun honestly print this when Quinter has been unable to get his bill out of the Maryland House of Delegate, let alone passed by the Maryland Senate? For a Governor unable to stop 37 gubernatorial veto overrides we find it highly unlikely that he was suddenly able to quell one particular piece of legislation. Delegate Quinter should redirect his fiery anger towards the Maryland General Assembly leadership because clearly they had the abilities and powers to pass any legislation they wanted to.


2 Responses to “Gun Control”

  1. Brad said

    The Baltimore Sun is a joke. They’ll never say one thing that is positive about Ehrlich except that he is running for re-election. They have Democrat Dave running things.

  2. […]  I agree with all of his positions except for the “sounds real good but does absoluting nothing assualt weapons ban“.  […]

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