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O’Malley a Plagiarist?”

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, May 19, 2006

Mayor urges tax relief on energy efficient items
O'Malley says BGE rate hike puts emphasis on 'task of conservation

As reported by Maryland Politics Now

O’Malley plan from the Baltimore Sun:Energy efficient appliances, windows, insulation and other household products would be exempt from the state’s 5 percent sales tax under the proposal, which O’Malley said he would carry out if elected Governor.

Senate Bill 265 Tax-Free Periods for the Purchase of Energy Efficient
Products For the purpose of providing an exemption from the sales and use tax during certain periods for the sale of certain appliances and products that meet or exceed certain applicable energy efficiency guidelines…

Bill Synopsis: Providing an exemption from the sals and use tax during October 2006 and April 2007 for the sale of specified appliances and products that meet or exceed applicable energy efficiency guidelines and solar water heaters; repealing obsolete provisions; etc.

Duncan campaign appears clueless about O’Malley miscue: “Part of any solution to the energy crisis must include conservatin,” Couser [Duncan Spokesperson] said. “We must continue to encourage consumers to conserve energy.”


3 Responses to “O’Malley a Plagiarist?””

  1. tjh said

    I don’t really understand your point here. Are you trying to imply that is a bad idea? The bill, which died for a variety of unrelated reasons, had bipartisan sponsorship.

  2. hocomd said

    The point is that O’Malley (according to MDPOLITICSNOW.COM) is recycling a piece of legislation and claiming the idea as his own.
    As the Sun article quotes the MD GOP:
    “Martin O’Malley should not be plagiarizing other people’s work and trying to say it is his own. What he calls his energy efficiency plan is actually action taken in the Senate that received an unfavorable report in committee,” Maryland Republican Party Chairman John M. Kane said in the statement. “At least he showing his support of recycling, unfortunately he’s recycling failed legislation from the General Assembly.”
    The other 2 links are to the bills the MD GOP references and serve to support their claim that O’Malley is recycling somone else’s work and not providing credit to the authors of that legislation.

    TJH: You seem to have some knowledge of the original legislation. I would be interested in learning why it didn’t get through committee. Your thoughts please.

  3. Beaujolais said

    What is a “plagerist?” Do you mean “plagiarist?”

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