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District Five County Council Race

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hayduke has a post on the recent Baltimore Examiner article regarding Mr. Livesay.  If you are interested in this subject go read my last post regarding the Hatch Act.  I wrote it prior to today's Washington Post article relative to Mr. Livesay's claims he never heard of the Hatch Act before he even filed to run. 

"When I first filed for office, I had never heard of the Hatch Act before," Livesay said. "I didn't even know there was such a thing."

Doesn't that just make a sad situation worse?  How can one submit multiple applications for federal funding and NOT be aware of the Hatch Act?  How can one sign a document saying they will uphold the provisions of the Hatch Act and then tell The Washington Post they had never heard of the Hatch Act?  How can that be?

Well maybe Mr. Livesay just signed what was put in front of him without understanding what he was signing?  Is he an empy suit?  Really, I am at a loss.  Can anyone suggest any other way that Mr. Livesay could have overlooked such a minor detail?

Relative to Jim Adams comments about Bloggers (meaning me) "playing this up".  Jim, we talked about this on the 18th.  You know I am not playing anything up and I don't enjoy calling the Cheif on this.  I think it is as plain as the nose on your face that the Hatch Act issue is a problem and he shouldn't complicate matters by giving quotes like this to the Post. 

As far as taking the department paperless (isn't that a 20th Century term and initiative?).  How many of you work for companies that went paperless 10 or so years ago?  My company did and we may produce more paper now than we did 10 years ago.  People print a lot more than they used to.  Departments produce less paper, they just pushed the printing tasks out to the individual which was an unintended consequence.  My company has automated a whole lot (it is a very complex company to automate) and as a result produce less paper in those areas.  They have spent a lot of money doing it and they did a great job.  But with the explosion of email, automated systems, increased bandwidth, personal printers and networked printers the employees produce more paper now than every.  I talk to friends in comparable sized companies.  Same experience.

Good luck to the Howard County Police Department on that one.  I hope you have more success than I have seen, because the reality is their is never going to be such a thing as "paperless" offices/departments/governments.  If they are automating and going toward a more application based and CRM model I hope they have a good data storage, backup, and retrevial plan in place.


2 Responses to “District Five County Council Race”

  1. Jim Adams said

    Good Morning. I want to respond to my comment "playing this up" You and I did talk on the 18th, and I will put in print my opinon of you and your blogging. As I told you, I admire your level of professionalism and the way you address issues.
    My comment was not addressing you, if it had been I would have mentioned you specifically. My comment was global, addressing "Bloggers". Wayne Livesay has been trashed by the blogging community, and as someone competing against him, I should let it continue. In my mind I felt the bashing that has occurred is wrong and unnecessary. I am in this race to win, and I want to beat both of the other candidates on a level fighting ground. Your blogging brought the Hatch Act to the surface, and this is a sign of excellant reporting, and as I believe you feel, I want this to be a land of law.
    As I said, blogging trashed Livesay. It is only recently that papers are mentioning the community support and loyalty he is receiving, but these are things that should have been thought of before the negative comments were made. The man served 8 years in his position.Why all the negative comments now? It is politically motivated, and possibly coming from within his own party as well as bloggers. People are entitled to their opinions, and thank God for our freedom of speech and thank you for this opportunity to reply.

  2. hocomd said

    Jim, thanks for taking the time to comment. Also, thank you for clarifying the quote in the Examiner.

    I agree, Mr. Livesay has a long and proud record of public service.

    The negativity stems from party switching, political opportunism and an apparant lack of attention to detail as the Hatch Act issue demonstrates.

    I have said before that much more is expected of a County Council member. Regardless of his years of public service I don’t believe that it translates well to the duties of a Council Member.

    Good luck in your race.

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