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Route 40 Task Force Stonewalled?

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Also from The View Newspapers

In 2005, the Howard County Government began a Route 40 Enhancement Study to identify viable redevelopment options for the commercial-driven corridor. The study focused on streetscape options, land use, and land transportation options to enhance redevelopment and land use policies along the corridor.

Angie Beltram believes that “the county has failed to follow the committee’s recommendations.”

Marsha McLaughlin, Director of Howard County Planning and Zoning, explained that she can identify with Task Force members, but current zoning regulations are still in effect.

My view is that Planning and Zoning is wrapped up in other priorities and I think their is some truth to Beltram's allegation that their may be some resentment regarding the comp-lite referendum process.  

"The attitude with Comp Lite is, well, they did it to us, well do it to them. It’s the inaction of the county as to why things haven’t changed. This county is not as open as people think it is.”


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