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Herman Charity, The Hatch Act, HoCo Times

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, May 25, 2006

Don’t panic.  I am not at it again.

I have been told that Mr. Charity has decided not to run for Sheriff.  Apparantly the dust up over the Hatch Act and Wayne Livesay has given Mr. Charity pause to reconsider the implications of declaring his candidacy for a partisan office.

On April 27th I had reported that Mr. Charity was considering a run for Sheriff.

“Rumor has it he is considering a run. Also it is rumored (it may have been announced) that the President of the Howard County Police Departments union, Jim Fitzgerald may throw his hat into the ring too. “

Mr. Charity decided not to run (I am told) because he would have to resign from his current position (Assistant to the County Executive) in the County adminsration in order to launch a campaign.  Otherwise he would be in violation of the Hatch Act.

Well, that is a refreshing approach!  Maybe he should run for County Council District Five.  I wonder if he got an opinion from the OSC.

While discussing this with my source we wondered if Mr. Charity might not be Howard County’s next Police Chief.  Why not, he is Robey’s assistant, gained a lot of good administrative and management experience, he is a former policeman, good interim choice if Robey wants the next County Executive to appoint the next police chief.  Maybe that is why he isn’t running for Sheriff?  Probably not, Robey knew he would have to replace Livesay sooner rather than later.  Since I heard the initial rumor in late April I would think Robey would have said something like “Herman, cool your heels.  I have other plans for you.”


Then in related news the Howard County Times had an editorial about Mr. Livesay and demanded that he not campaign until he left his current position.  Ahhh, aren’t they the LOCAL newspaper?  Livesay declared February 22nd and this editorial was published May 25th.  So, three months later the Howard County Times pulls its head out of the sand.

I wish they would ask him to explain how he couldn’t be aware of the Hatch Act when he signed the applications for those grants.

David Wissing at the Hedgehog Report expresses similiar sentiments.

Hayduke put it this way:

In some related news, the Flier’s editorial this week calls on Livesay to stop campaigning until he has officially resigned on May 31. Although the sentiment is laudable, shouldn’t this editorial fall into the too little, too late bin? I mean, we’re talking about less than a week. At this point, does it matter?


One Response to “Herman Charity, The Hatch Act, HoCo Times”

  1. Paul Wright said

    The bigger issue here is why is James Roby & Wayne Livesay not announcing who will be the next Police Chief? If it will be Mr. Charity, so be it. But it is not right to remain silent and secreative. The constituents deserve a smooth and safe transition of leadership. The two Deputy Chiefs deserve to know if they are it, or not. The policemen deserve better and so do we.

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