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County Executive – Wallis to run

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, May 29, 2006

Dave Wissing at the Hedgehog Report saw this before I did.  He beat me to the punch again.  So did Hayduke.

One of Mr. Wallis' supporters posted a comment on "Cattails, Campaigns, & Cat Fights" and I am sure that Mr. Walli's supporters will be frequent visitors to the Howard County Blogs.

Running as an independent is going to be tough.  I have no doubt he can collect 2,000 signatures, if he is organized.  What will be tough is a general election.  I welcome a fourth voice to the race – although I have made up my mind already.

However, the issues he wants to address are high on the list of Chris Merdon's agenda.

Wallis said he mainly is interested in public safety, schools, adequate housing and managed growth, though he has no concrete action he wants to take if he wins.

Merdon PLAN

  • Predictable Land Use
  • Leadership in Education
  • Accountability
  • New Budget Policy

Ken Ulman states Education, Public Health, Public Safety are his priorities.

I think Howard County voters are more sophisticated than most people give credit.  Merdon understands, as the voters do, that at this point everything stems from Land Use.  Land Use has an unpredictable influence on everything else and unless we can get a better handle on land use then we will always be in a reactive mode to our education, public health and safety needs.  Even Harry Dunbar understands that.  I have heard Ken Ulman discuss land use as well, yet on his rather lengthy and wordy web site (someone talk to him please) I find little mention of land use, and budget policy beyond news releases and Columbia Town Center (I mean center of the universe).

Welcome to the race Mr. Wallis.


5 Responses to “County Executive – Wallis to run”

  1. Mary Smith said

    Merdon’s p.l.a.n. for Howard County:

    Predictable land use
    o Predictably grant waivers and exceptions, and grant rezoning to any developer with pen and paper,
    o Predictably go with the party line rather than represent constituency.

    Leaving behind the citizenry:
    o Grant land developers the equivalent of thousands of votes via campaign funding.

    Ad nauseam swooning over hob-knobbing with ‘superiors’
    o Did no one catch that at the meeting Monday night? Someone should mention to him that he’s running for PUBLIC service, not celebridom,
    o Ok, maybe just nauseous and not ad nauseam.

    New fiscal fiascos
    o No change from Robey (also heavily supported by land developers),
    o No additional fiscal responsibility, but lots of talk about it,
    o Spending to support results from the raging flood of residential development in Howard,
    o More meetings in Las Vegas (at his expense) where he vacations to visit developer conventions (did no one catch this, either?).

    signed: I’m No Ulman Supporter, (but his mistakes are naked pigs rather than dressed up swine.)

  2. hocomd said

    Mary, thanks again for your comments. I hope you noted that Mr. Merdon was the only elected official to reject comp-lite for many of the reasons you have stated. Additionally, he rejected comp-lite because of the lack of community involvement. It is in the record. I don’t need to go into it here. If you are interested research it on-line at the Howard County Times.

    Relative to hob-knobbing. In 5 years I have never witnessed that kind of behavior from Chris Merdon. I wish I could have seen what you believe you saw.

    Relative to development money, please see my previous response. Additionally, you may review those contributions on-line as I have at the Maryland State Board of Elections.

    Relative to the developer convention. I think it is important that elected officials attend any industry convention if it has any bearing on their constituents. I would prefer an informed elected official rather than a closed minded elected official. In fact I would prefer it if all elected officials attended such events on their own dime rather than yours or mine.

    It would be refreshing to see some of your statements backed up with facts and examples rather than inuendo and emotion. I look forward to such a comment.

  3. Mary Smith said


    If you want examples, rather than “emotion” you might want to intelligently reread my prior post. (Flat enough for you?)

    I guess anyone can claim anything regardless of actual word choice and definitions. Intelligence is in the details.

    Specifically: the Monday night incident wherein he defended his Las Vegas trip and talked about being with the Governor and Mayor (presumably Baltimore). Check with your buddies, someone must have seen. Maybe their details will mean more to you than my humble submittal.

    Is it possible that gross misinterpretations are made (as in your comments about lack of examples and emotion), are likely true of the misinterpreter?

    Being refreshed is not the fundamental criterion of open discussion and discovery. I would think that’s more something you lean into at Cattail.


  4. hocomd said

    I did read your post again and am still at a loss.

    Relative to the Monday night incident it seems as though Mr. Merdon was acting like a County Executive.

  5. Fran said

    I thought Ulman’s saving of Merriweather at the center of the universe was a big land use issue…big developer, big money, big buildings, big pile of dung! Appears like Ken is compensating…

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