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Burglaries up sharply in county

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, May 31, 2006

As reported in the Baltimore Sun this morning.

Howard County experienced a 49 percent increase in burglaries during the first three months of this year, but county police attribute much of the jump to a few burglars who committed multiple crimes each.

They throw around a lot of numbers in the article and a lot of explanations.

Burglaries jumped from 234 in the first quarter of 2005 to 348 in the same period this year. The number of homicides remained unchanged at one reported during the three-month period

The number of robberies increased from 58 to 70, but that obscures a spike in January followed by a sharp drop in February and March, when the county reassigned undercover and uniformed officers to work robbery squads in Long Reach, Oakland Mills, Wilde Lake and Harper's Choice in Columbia. After 40 robberies in January, police recorded 14 in February and 16 in March.

Total crime was up 5.27 percent for the quarter compared to last year, with so-called "serious" crime, including murder, rape, robbery and assault, up 6.68 percent.

Fact remains.  Crime and rape is up.

The Baltimore Examiner also reports Gang activity is up in Howard

Since 2001, police have documented 57 incidents and identified 55 MS-13 members who have been arrested for or involved in crimes that include rape, robbery and assault, and have documented the gang’s activity and graffiti in Savage, Elkridge, Columbia and Ellicott City.

The Baltimore Examiner also reports Burglaries, rapes on rise in Howard

Burglaries saw an increase of 49 percent; rapes, 75 percent; and robberies, 20 percent.

Not a great way for Mr. Livesay to leave as police chief.

Some good news

A 23-year-old Jessup man has been charged with a string of robberies, carjackings, drug offenses and weapons violations, including armed robberies of two families at The Mall in Columbia in March.

After a citizen's tip, police said, they spotted Andrew Elliott Scott, of the 9200 block Volmerhausen Road, in the Kings Contrivance area Friday .

WJZ TV's spin


7 Responses to “Burglaries up sharply in county”

  1. Howard County Republican said

    Another biased headline meant to sway people to your opinion. You just can’t be fair can you? Is the word objective in your vocabulary? Do you really think retired Chief Livesay is directly responsible for the rise in the crime rate. I’m sure he is just as responsible as Greg Fox who works for Constellation Energy, is for the 72% increase in the utility’s rates, right!

    It’s time to stop talking trash and start talking about qualifications. I read your blogs about Greg Fox but you always fail to talk about his qualifications. What leadership experience does he have. What managerial experience does he have? What budgetary experience does he have? What knowledge of the inner workings of County government does he have? What personnel experience does he have? I really want to know! I have heard both Fox and Livesay speak. Livsay talks about his qualifications and experience, about his proven leadership and his vision for the 5th District and the County. Fox reveals very about his qualifications, background or experience.

    I’m not trying to trash Greg Fox, I want to know what he brings to the game so I can be an educated voter.

    Let’s stop all the bias and trash talk and really talk qualifications! One of these individuals will be representing not only the 5th District but the County in general.

    By the way, can anyone tell me why Mr. Fox has not declared his candidacy with the Howard County Board of elections?

  2. hocomd said

    Howard County Republican,

    The headline you reference is not mine. That is the headline from the Baltimore Sun article. Did you bother to read it? I linked to it and if you had bothered to read it then your comment might actually have more credibility. It brings into question if you even read beyond the headline.  You sound a little desperate.  Maybe I should say you lack nuance and a lack of attention to details.

    All but about 10% of the wording in the post were direct quotes from the Baltimore Sun and the Baltimore Examiner. If you are concerned about trash talking I suggest that you contact the reporters for the respective newspapers who wrote the articles.

    Is Wayne Livesay directly responsible for the rise in the crime rate? You tell me. He was the police chief. On the other hand Greg Fox is not Mayo Shattuck.  I also reported on the capture of the creep that has been preying on the Mall in Columbia.  Are you saying Mr. Livesay can't take credit for that piece of police work?  Additionally, I reported on WJZ's rather glowing spin on crime in Howard County.  Do you object to that too?

    Relative to Greg Fox. Good questions. Lets hear from him.

    As for declaring his candidacy with the Howard County Board of Elections. I don't know. The County web site also neglects to show the candidacy of Ken Ulman and Chris Merdon. Can you please explain that?

    Also, what is with the fake email address?

  3. Howard County Republican said

    I was not refering to the article the SUN wrote, I did read that thooughly, I was refering to your obvious bias in posting it at the top of your blog…..I know, it’s your blog…………

    Where’s the Constellation Energy articles that are all over the Sunpapers, why aren’t they at the top of your blogs. You say Mr. Fox is no Mayo Shattuck and I will certainly agree with you on that, but what does he do at Constellation Energy and what management and leadership experience does he bring to the table……I don’t know, do you? All’s I’m saying is let’s stop playing games. Don’t we all want the most qualified candidate to represent our interests? Let’s talk about qualifications….Mr. Fox if you’re out there, please let us know your experience and background so we can make an educated decision. And if you are really serious about this campaign, why haven’t you declared with the BOE. Mr. Merdon and Mr. Ulman, please feel free to respond to this also.

  4. hocomd said


    Ok. You didn't say that in your earlier comments. You said, it was "another biased headline". So now since you now explained that you think I am biased because that is on the top of my blog let me try to explain this to you.

    That is the way blogs work. You must be new to this. I link to other blogs, you can check out the convention yourself, so you don't have to believe me. Check out the time stamps that accompany the posts while you are at it.

    The most recent post of any blog is always at the top of the blog. As new posts are added the other posts move down the chain. On this blog right now my most recent posts are (the newest first):

    Burglaries up sharply in county
    Open Thread
    Quote of the Day
    County Executive – Wallis to run
    Cattails, Campaigns & Cat Fights
    Herman Charity, The Hatch Act, HoCo Times
    District Five County Council Race
    Route 40 Task Force Stonewalled?
    County Executive Candidates
    Livesay and Compliance with the Hatch Act

    I have 9 posts related to BGE. My posts are all organized into categories. You can see them on the right panels of the blog. Take your pick. In fact BGE is on the top of the categories (sorted alphabetically).

    Also, Go see Hayduke's site He expresses the same sentiments as I do. I don't think he is being biased either just because (at this moment) the same topic is covered at the top of his blog. Do you?

    Greg brings a great deal of business experience with him. Go to categories and click on Fox, you can read what I have written about him there.

    I don't expect this explanation to satisfy you, but I think you should check out how blogs work before you jump to these kinds of conclusions, it really isn't becoming, shows a lack of attention to detail, and reflects poorly on Mr. Livesay's campaign supporters.  At least it is consistent with the candidate.

    Next question/accusation?

  5. Howard County Republican said

    You write like a newspaper reporter spinning issues. Why doesn’t Greg Fox tell us about his “business” experience? The link you refer or go directly to a Livesay story.

    You talk about attention to detail…..that’s why I’m trying to find out from BOTH candidates…..details of their qualifications that would make them the best candidate to vote for in this race. I’ve heard details from Mr. Livesay. I’ve heard him speak. I’ve heard Mr. Fox speak and he didn’t tell us why he was the most qualified for the Council seat in detail as Mr. Livesay did. If you really wanted to use this blog as a forum to insure that the right people represent us, you would address the issues I have brought forth in a reasonable, responsible and unbiased manner instead of all the smoke and mirrors to hide them.

    By the way, I have never said I am a Livesay supporter. I am undecided and trying to determne who is best qualified to represent my interests as a District 5 resident.

  6. hocomd said

    The link goes directly to a number of stories that mention Fox and other candidates in district 5. Did you read them?

    Relative to my explanation about the perceived bias:

    1. The Sun Headline "Another biased headline meant to sway people to your opinion"
    2. The way blogs work "I was refering to your obvious bias in posting it at the top of your blog"
    3. Hayduke's comments on the same topic in question
    These were all the issues/points you raised.  You seem to be acting like a politician on the Sunday morning news shows and not responding at all instead you keep changing the subject.  And what about your fake email address (second time I asked)?

    Was the headline biased? No. It was from the Sun
    Was the post biased because it is at the top of the blog? No. That is the way blogs work.
    Am I the only one blogging on the topic? No. Hayduke is too.

    We have plenty of time to get into Fox's qualifications or defeciencies. Right now Mr. Livesay has given everyone plenty to discuss. Mr. Fox's day in the sun will come.

    No you never did say you were a Levesay supporter. You just speak like one.

    Am I biased?  Yes, I make no bones about it.  I make it clear on the frontpage of this blog.  These are my opinions on current political affairs in Howard County.  My opinion of Wayne Livesay is that he would make a terrible County Councilman.  Given your questions regarding Greg Fox (I assume they go to Jim Adams as well)  "What leadership experience does he have. What managerial experience does he have? What budgetary experience does he have? What knowledge of the inner workings of County government does he have? What personnel experience does he have?"  I would think that Wayne Livesay would have exhibited better judgement over his past 8 years as police chief.

    2 Sexual Harrasment suits (not the way personnel should be treated), the way he handled the Hatch Act and claimed ignorance and that he never heard of it (poor way to manage a budget), recent crime statistics, authoritarian behavior toward the rank and file (not the way a leader act and not the way personnel should be treated), secret helicopter deals (another great budget issue).  The inner workings of County government?  That is a smoke screen.  This is a part time legislative job and designed that way for a reason.  Since we have had a charter every council member has learned to come up to speed.  Fox and Adams would too and so would Livesay.  Are you saying he could go from police chief to law maker overnight with no learning curve?  I can see Wayne Livesay now charging through county government wreaking havoc and that is scary.

  7. Bubba said

    There is just no pleasing some people – I browsed to Howard County Blog, not Fox for Council and I have to say that what I read here is fairer and more balanced then the media outlets. I’m suprised that “Howard County Republican” thinks that Livesay is a) a Republican and b) worthy of Republican support after he renounced the Republican Party!

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