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How to make friends… Hold on!

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, June 5, 2006

To be perfectly, and I mean perfectly, honest.  I was pleased as punch when I saw this article, even if it did rehash Cattails and it was a tiny article buried in the nether regions of the Howard Section, and my letter to the editor was no where to be found.

However, this is not news.  It has less business in the paper than Chris Merdon and the Cattails incident.

Why not just say Vivian Bailey, 99, a long serving, and influential Democratic activist endorses Chris Merdon instead of drawing on some obsure incident that occured 4 years ago.  Anyway, here goes…

The Baltimore Sun reported in the Sunday edition,

Columbia activist Vivian Bailey, 88, a Democrat, has generally been a strong supporter of Democratic candidates – but she has made a cable television commercial endorsing Merdon's candidacy for executive.

My neighbors, who are strong republicans, but tell me they know Vivian Bailey well, said to me, Ken Ulman had to say something or done something, because she is a very nice woman. They said she is old school and doesn't suffer fools very well.

So what is the fuss.

"I see Ken Ulman from personal experience as being arrogant and immature," Bailey added, saying that "he's been rude to me on occasion." 

Ulman, however, "got in my face when he ran against Mary Kay," Bailey said. She feels that Merdon, with two terms of council experience to Ulman's one term – and more business experience – is a better choice.  

My neighbors thought that when Vivian Bailey read this in the article …

Ulman said he's unclear about Bailey's accusations of rudeness and brushed off anything that might have happened four years ago.

"You can't please everyone," he said. "I have no idea what she's referring to or talking about. It's not the way I handle myself."

… that she would just go off again considering it another slight that he doesn't remember the incident in quesiton.

Maybe Hayduke is right and this just goes to maturity.

Anyway, this goes to a post I put out on January 26th saying that Ulman's ugly campaign for County Council in 2002 was going to haunt him.  This will lightly (if at all) taint Josh Felmark.  I am sure that Mary Kay Sigaty and Joan Lancos were not shedding any tears when they saw this either.


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