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Howard forbids smoking in bars and restaurants

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I heard Ken Ulman on WBAL on the way to work this morning.  He believes this is just the beginning of a state wide ban, as do many others.

Government to the rescue!  If I can't decide whether or not to go into a smoking bar I can depend on my government to make that decision for me.  Now should I eat that Big Mac or not – who has Jim Robey's telephone number?

This says a lot.

The vote represented a triumph for Robey and Ulman, who are seeking new political offices this year – Robey for state Senate, and Ulman for county executive.

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2 Responses to “Howard forbids smoking in bars and restaurants”

  1. Jim Adams said

    I want to thank both Democrats, Mr.Robey and Mr. Ulman for getting this Smoking Ban passed in Howard Co.

    Jim Adams, Republican.

  2. hocomd said

    Jim, I disagree with you, but you are a nice guy.

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