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Water Water Everywhere…

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, June 8, 2006

By now I hope everyone is aware of the water restrictions imposed on Howard County residents who are on the public water system.

The initial restrictions required that these residents could only use public water for outdoor use on alternate days based upon the last number of their house address.

As of June 1st the county adopted new restrictions that are a lot more strict.

I understand the need for the restrictions.

One may not use water for outdoor purposes after 5 PM Monday – Thursday and after 5 PM Friday through midnight Sunday.  That means all weekend.

If you are effected by these restrictions that means you can't wash your car, clean your driveway, or your deck, water your garden, (you can water your lawn under certain conditions), fill your pool, etc.

So if one had plans to use water for any outdoor projects can call them off, unless of course you want to take a day off from work and do it during the hours of midnight and 5 PM.

Howard County gets its water from Baltimore City.  We have massive water mains running from Baltimore City.  One of the mains is under repair which greatly restricts available water and could potentially create a public safety hazard.  So the restrictions are necessary.

Essentially Howard County is held hostage by Baltimore City for water.  We are not the only ones either.  Additionally, Baltimore City has to make major repairs to their system and will be raising rates to Howard County and their other customers so they can pay off their metro bonds.  Given the other improvements Howard County must make to the system we will be faced with water rate increases in the near future.

We are in a no win situation.  Howard County has out grown this system and we need to look for an alternate means of supplying public water – like Anne Arundel County who tapped into the Aquifer system, or Carroll County who is beginning to do the same.  The point is we are grown up enough and their are other sources of water that we need an independant water system.


One Response to “Water Water Everywhere…”

  1. Patricia K. Severinsen said

    Is there any restriction on using water lawn sprinklers on the odd numbered days which is our house address – an odd no.?

    Thanks you.

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