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Going Negative…already

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, June 12, 2006

A friend of mine brought this to my attention. 

Ken Ulman's home page of his web site reports:

In the past several weeks Councilman and Democratic candidate for Howard County Executive Ken Ulman has confronted three major issues with viable solutions to help the citizens of Howard County.

Mr. Ulman did this while his Republican opponent, Chris Merdon, was concentrating on a fundraiser at Kingsdon Gould III’s home on Saturday, June 3rd that brought out the Bush-Cheney-Ehrlich GOP machine in full force! The national, state, and local Republicans have pulled out all stops to get their national Bush model of government to take hold in Howard County.

UPDATE: As of 11PM June 12th references to Mssrs. Merdon and Gould were removed (showing good, if belated, judgement.  Hmmm).  I, however, will not be removing this post.

Why am I now bringing this to your attention?

1. Not only did he misspell the name (it is Kingdon NOT Kingsdon) he got the wrong person.  Kingdon Gould III is the son of Kingdon Gould Jr.  The elder Mr. Gould held the fundraiser.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Republican Christopher J. Merdon's private, invitation-only fundraiser Saturday night at the 160-acre North Laurel estate of parking lot magnate and developer Kingdon Gould Jr.

2. Tying Merdon to the Bush-Cheney-Ehrlich GOP machine?  LOL.  It is a scare tactic at best and smacks of desperation – Ulman can honestly do better.  Kingdon Gould has donated across party lines for years.  Among those Democrats who have benefited from his and his family's donations:

  • Councilman Guy Guzzone
  • Senator Ed Kasemeyer 
  • Mayor Martin O'Malley
  • Doug Duncan
  • Del. Shane Pendergrass
  • Wayne Curry
  • Jim Robey
  • Ida Ruben
  • Congressman Steny Hoyer
  • US Senator Barbara Mikulski
  • Notably absent from the list is Mr. Ulman
  • I could go on an on – but I think you got my point.

I am heartened to know that Guzzone, Kasemeyer, O'Malley, Duncan, Pendergrass, Curry, Robey, Ruben, Hoyer, and Mikulski have seen the light and are now part of "the national, state, and local Republicans …[who have]…pulled out all the stops" to support Chris Merdon. Welcome aboard – yard signs and bumper stickers are available upon request.


12 Responses to “Going Negative…already”

  1. CPAman said

    Let’s see here:

    1. Desperate negative demagoguery (complete with demonstrable factual errors)

    2. Zoning proposal train wreck in progress

    Ah yes, the Ulman plan – 2006

  2. Frank Williams said

    Keelan, I saw your post earlier and saw Ulman’s web site too. Funny he changed it because it makes him look like he can’t make up his mind.

    You should be honored. He visits your web site and takes you seriously :=)

    Heres to mud in your eye.

  3. Mary Smith said

    Are readers to gather, from your focus on spelling and Ulman’s change of mind, that Merdon campaign financing is unimportant? What about his relationships with land developers? Do we all get one vote, or do the campaign funders actually circumvent the democratic process? If your focus is representative of your priorities, then throwing barbs at Larry Carson is putting you in a glass house with nothin’ but stones and a misguided use of a good arm.

  4. hocomd said

    Mary, one post does not represent my priorities nor my focus. However, thank you for your comments.

    Additionally, funding of campaigns is important. As you might note, as you continue to review this blog, I have commented on developer campaign contributions and the potential for undue influence. I, for one, would not make a blanket statement that our elected officials are influenced by developer contributions, but I would say we need to remain vigilent.

    Both Mr. Ulman and Mr. Merdon receive about 50% of their funding from organizations. They receive almost an equal amount of money from the Real Estate industry.

    Relative to Mr. Carson … are you speaking of another post?

  5. Mary Smith said

    The focus of the original post was misplaced on ancillary items, which pale in comparison to Merdon’s actions. If we are to hold the press accountable for reporting on priority items, then we should live what we expect. The rules are the same for everyone (except some televangelists who are so holy most of the time that we’re supposed to ignore their unlawful and tawdry behavior).

    Zooming out, then zooming in when it suits your political agenda works with some groups, but as noted, people interested in this blog may have a bit more analytical ability.

    And, thank you for your response.

  6. hocomd said

    If I were a major media outlet like the Tribune Newspapers or the Washington Post I would agree with you. I don’t pretend to be unbiased, in fact I tell my readers that right up front. Given that the nature of blogs is much different than that of the MSM you will note that every blog is biased in some fashion.

    In this post I found it ironic that Mr. Ulman would declare that the GOP machine is marching into Howard County on the coat tails of Mr. Gould, as Mr. Ulman states, when Mr. Gould contributes across party lines – which I presented after analysing the available data. I also found it ironic that Mr. Ulman would make such statements when he has declared his intent to run a positive campaign.

    I agree that most people have a great deal of analytical ability (especially my readers). You may note a great deal of analysis on campaign finances, tax cuts, property assesment caps, BGE shareholder value, tc. You will also note a great deal of bias – my bias.

  7. Mary Smith said

    I understand your bias, but believe my position is misunderstood. This site is open to posts from anyone, even those who wish to point out the skewed nature of some ‘analyses’ provided. If that is not welcome, you can simply let me know and I’ll disappear. (insulting me as was attempted on another post will only encourage me, so you’ll have to be more direct if you really want me to go away).

  8. hocomd said

    Please don’t go away. I would not try to insult you. Perhaps I just don’t understand your line of reasoning.

    If I didn’t want a difference of opinion I would not allow comments, nor would I link to other blogs that provide, at times, a much different perspective.

    I encourage dialogue that is why I respond. It clears the air.

  9. Harold Bernadzikowski said

    In response to Mary Smith’s strained logic, let me offer this defense of the Host’s postings. The point, Mrs. Smith, is that the liberal media try to make it seem like Mr. Merdon is somehow beholden to developers. If you check the records, you will find that Mr. Ulman has taken quite a lot of campaign contributions from developers and he has doled out many favors to developers, behind closed doors (eg: “Comp Lite rezoning” and the Columbia Town Center charette debacle). So, why is it questionable for a republican candidate to take contributions from developers, but it’s ok for a democratic candidate to do the same thing? I hope you don’t mind me pointing out YOUR skewed logic in defending the person who is truly in the developers’ pockets – Ken Ulman.

  10. AndrewT said

    “Ken Ulman” – LOL

    That pretty much sums it up!

  11. Harold said

    I agree.

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