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Democrats back off on rezoning change

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Update: What I said now in the Howard County Times

Complaints over timing of the County Council's vote on reforms lead to decision

The Baltimore Sun article

"the idea prompted some complaints, both about the concept of dividing the county and the timing of the proposal. A bill introduced July 3 would be voted on at the end of that month because the council doesn't meet in August.

Mssrs Guzzone and Ulman explained

"We will take time to talk to more people," Ulman said. That view was endorsed yesterday by Councilman Guy Guzzone, a North Laurel-Savage Democrat who did not attend the Monday night forum for county executive and County Council candidates.

"There is no rush," Guzzone said. "This was really trying to put out some ideas."

Then why the rush to introduce the legislation?  The Howard County Times reported:

Although Ulman said he anticipates a July 17 vote on the proposal and hopes the new planning system is in place by early 2007,

 In an earlier article

"This isn't about Comp Lite," Guzzone said, adding that he was publicly discussing changes to the process before the controversial bill came up.

Then why did he support Comp Lite?

Ulman said he's frustrated with the current comprehensive rezoning process, which is why he supports a change that would "notify every citizen," in "a process to engage every citizen," and also weave funding for capital projects like roads and schools into the new system.

Obviously so is Chris Merdon that is why he didn't support the comp-lite proposal in the first place and was the only one to stand up and vote against it.

Mr. Wallis weighed in:

C. Stephen Wallis, a county school principal seeking to gather enough signatures to become an independent candidate for county executive, supported Ulman's plan.

"Frankly, it isn't a bad idea," he said. "It would bring the community in early on."

Sorry, Mr. Wallis didn't even know that the Zoning Board and the County Council are one and the same.  The criticizm's of this rush to fix a complex problem should be studied by Mr. Wallis so he can learn more about the process and how fatigued people become.


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