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Schrader v Robey Round 1

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hayduke expressed an opinion on this as well:

Funny intro, predictable politics: State Senator Sandy Schrader has the style, but there’s little substance, besides the usual Democrats-just-want-to-raise-your-taxes, in her anti-Robey claims. Of course in politics, like with most things, style is what matters most.

My take is that Hayduke is right.  Sandy is full of style.  She is a smart, classy, and tough lady.  She has more substance in her little finger than most people.  But, Sandy isn't pursuing a "Democtrats-just-want-to-raise-your-taxes" or "anti-Robey claims."

They are not claims, allegations, accusations or falsehoods.  They happened 7 times in 8 years.  Sandy is stating the unvarnished truth not about democrats in general – just this ONE.

Now, lets remember why Jim Robey is running against Sandy Schrader.  Jim Robey moved to district 13 because he knows he could not beat Allan Kittleman on the tax issues.  Last summer I participated in a poll that Robey paid for.  As the poll started I could not discern who was paying for the poll except I knew it was a democrat.  Later it became apparant it was a Robey poll and he was evaluating a run against Allan.  Check out the Sun Archives.  Larry Carson interviewed me for the article.

Initially Robey denied he conducted a poll.  Even Herman Charity denied a poll was taken  Why?  He didn't like the results which showed his taxing ways didn't win him any friends in Kittleman's district.  Come on 7 tax increases in 8 years what did he think the poll would tell him?  Get out of Kittleman's district and go after Schrader?  Guess what – he took the advise.

So, knowing this, how do you think Sandy is going to campaign?  Should not be too hard to figure out.

  • 30% income tax increase (thanks Ken and Guy – got to give credit where it is due)
  • Transfer Tax Increase
  • Trash Fee Increase

Here is another one.

  • Now instead of reducing income taxes he provide token property tax relief $.03) and spends the $20M in surplus the County is producing and projected to produce.  I don't mind paying fair taxes, but if Government produces surpluses then I want MY money back.

How else do you campaign against a tax and spend liberal?

Go get him Sandy.


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