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Vacation Open Thread

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, June 17, 2006

Talk about what you want.  Keep it clean.


20 Responses to “Vacation Open Thread”

  1. Bubba said

    The pig fell in the mud!

  2. Mary Smith said

    thanks Bubba. Gotta chuckle.

  3. Dave W said

    What happened to the timestamps on these posts? There is no way to determine when something was posted, or did you plan it that way?

  4. Mary Smith said

    Eliot Spitzer for President

  5. William Capps said

    Ok, I herd I have a few days for a deadline to Apply to run for office.
    So I will state my views, and if their are people out their that would like me to run contact me.
    I would try to pass the following laws

    1) ( any company that hires an illeagel would get a fine of $1000.00 per illeagle and have their business licence revoked for one year, and the owners of that bussiness could never have a State contrack with the State of Maryland again.
    2)I would push for slots and river boat casino’s.
    3) All voters would have to show proof of citizenship when they vote.
    4) Anyone cought bringing illeagle drugs into our state would recieve life in prision.
    5) Child predators would recieve life in prision.
    6) Right to carry law.
    7) State contracts could only go to companies that are based in our state.
    8) Those home owners and compainies that install solar energy would recieve a fifty percent tax break.
    9) Allow off sure drilling, lets be independent from the middle east when it pertains to our energy needs.
    10) All State Government and Local Government must have Solar energy with in 10 years.
    11) Reduse the cost of workmans comp insurance for business.

  6. William Capps said

    Oh yea that would be for the House of Delagets.

  7. hocomd said


    Can’t get the time stamp to work but I see them on my Blackberry. Go figure.

    Mr Capp,

    which district do you plan to run?


    You’re not that funny 🙂

  8. Dave W said

    I noticed the timestamps show up in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer.

  9. Hayduke said

    That’s odd. I don’t get time stamps in Firefox or Safari. Can’t say about IE, though. Microsoft stopped making IE for Mac shortly before I made the switch.

    And, no, I’m not going to proselytize about computers here. We should be free to choose our operating systems without having to endure insults from the other side. Is nothing non-partisan anymore?

  10. just a voter said

    People are so tired of party politics and are going to vote for the Educator: Steve Wallis.

    Prediction: Wallis 36%; Merdon 34%; Ulman 28

  11. Bubba said

    Neither is your blog! 🙂


  12. mary smtih said

    Is anyone organizing independents in Howard County? Anyone looked into neo-independents? Also, since the owner of this site is the past president of the local republican chapter, advice would be appreciated.

  13. hocomd said


    I hadn’t heard. I am sure all four CE candidates will make an effort to do so. Would not be hard to contact them or go door to door to meet them. What doe you have in mind? Are you working for Mr. Capp? 🙂

  14. mary smtih said

    Now, Now, David. As I said prior, insulting me will not make me go away.

    Regarding ‘Mr. Capp’, I’d want to ask him how it is that he butchered the word ‘contrack’ but spelled accurately the second time. ah… the layers of anonymity.

    Lastly: yike! We may have a disconnect. I’m looking to set up an initial gathering for independent voters in Howard. If you were me, how would you advertise?

  15. hocomd said


    I admire the effort. I can not imagine it would be easy. If Independents wanted to be organized I would think they would affiliate with a party. With that said I would advertise (for free) in the community sections of the Times, Post, and Sun. I would also contact the reporters of those papers and the Examiner to see is they might be interested in writing a piece about your effort. I would also consider which candidate(s) you are mostly aligned with (Merdon for me) and consider approaching them for assistance/support. Finally, if you want to spend money, get the latest voting rolls and send a mailer. I hope that helps.

  16. hocomd said

    Speakin of Mr.Capp and voting rolls I am going to check to see if he is a real person or not. I can’t imagine that they are. I suspect it is a faux Republican trying to make the GOP look bad.

  17. Bubba said

    Two points – Mr. Capp is a real person of the GOP persuasion and if someone is interested in the libretarian party they can browse to (state libretarians)….

  18. Jim Adams said

    David, why is it you are not running for County Council???

  19. hocomd said

    Jim, my wife and I adopted two children from Russia last June, the demands of my job increased, we have a great candidate in Tony Salazar. With the kids I could not make the time commitment as they adjust to a new culture and it would not have been fair to my wife. I am just finding time to get active in the party again. As long as we have good candidates (like you, Greg, Tony, Tom, Gina, Donna, Mary Beth, Loretta, Rick, Sandy, Allan, Chris, Warren, and Gail) I don’t feel a need to jump in. When I see a gap I can fill I will be there.

  20. Openuksa said

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