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Poll Update

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

While not scientific the poll I have been running for the next County Executive (which closes on June 30th) currently has Chris Merdon leading.

Merdon 115

Ulman 39

Wallis 42

Honestly, I was a little concerned at first because Mr. Wallis was the early leader.


5 Responses to “Poll Update”

  1. just a voter said

    The educator is going to win this race.

    In November the numbers will look like:

    Wallis 36%; Merdon 34% and Ulman 28%

  2. just a cynic said

    I wish I were not so cynical, but my gut tells me that Wallis entered the race with Ken Ulman’s encouragement and that the goal is to split the independent vote away from Chris Merdon so that Ken Ulman can eek-out a win the on election with a plurality.

    Here’s a prediction. If Ulman “wins”, Wallis will just happen to be appointed to the plumbest of plumb positions (superintendent or chief admin officer will be his consolation gift).

    It takes a cynic – me – to identify such a cynical plan, but search your feelings and you know it’s probably true.

    Or should I believe that Wallis really thinks he can win? I don’t. He simply seems too smart for that. I bet he and Ulman have an informal deal that only those two are aware of. It’s a win-win for them: pretty smart, shrewd and ruthless political manuevering.

    Of course I’ll never know for sure and have to simply continue to speculate. They may conspire to take the executive’s race, but they can never take my tinfoil hat away from me.

  3. just a voter said

    just a cynic,

    The last time I heard “conspiracy” theories it was from Hillary Clinton on the Today show(“vast right-wing conspiracy out to get my husband”)… Funny that Republicans believe in conspiracy theories too.

    People are tired of party politics and “conspiracy” theories.

  4. hocomd said

    Cynic and Voter,

    I guess we will know in short time. A look at the 2,800 signatures and the make up of his organization or lack of an organization will reveal a lot.

    Cynic, interesting theory though. It explains why Wallis came out of no where. I also think that it is true that Wallis will hurt Merdon and help Ulman.

    A vote for Steve Wallis is a voter for Ken Ulman.

  5. just a cynic said

    The last time you heard a conspiracy theory was in the 1990s? OK. Just kidding…a little right-wing humor there.

    Not to be too partisan (it’s true I am a participant in the Howard County GOP cult/club etc.) but there were a lot of conspiracy theories about how Bush stole the election in Florida and Ohio just before “Bush Knew!!!” about 9/11.

    These things are a time honored tradition and they should not be taken too seriously. I’m sorry, I just don’t think that the county is well served by a spoiler in the race and I don’t think that Wallis is a serious candidate. He’s going to run for office while running his school in the fall? Come-on.

    I heard that his constant refrain at the GROWTH forum in Terra Maria was that he “was not familiar with that issue”.

    A generally reliable friend who was there also told me that that Wallis was the only person in the room to defend Ken Ulman’s otherwise universally rejected plan to change some zoning laws on the fly. That’s specifically why I got to thinking that there may have been a connection between the two. Based on that, I was joking around with my friend and some other loathsome republicans when I floated my little “theory”. They thought there may have been something to it and so when I saw that David Keelan was blogging about this race, I commented. I’m sure that Stephen Wallis is a good principal and person and I do not mean to impugn him personally. When I say that there may be informal deal, I guess it could really just be a subconscious understanding between the two. It just makes me uneasy and I wanted to get some feedback from others.

    Anyone else at the Growth debate? Was my friend right about the exchange where Wallis supposedly went oddly out of his way to give Ken a boost? Since that’s the genesis of my theory, I guess we can debunk it now if my friend was wrong.

  6. Hayduke said

    Just a cynic,

    That’s certainly an, um, interesting take on things. Not as much cynical as paranoid, though.

    Wallis didn’t go out of his way to defend Ulman at the meeting. He said hardly anything about the zoning changes, but made an off the cuff comment that Ulman’s proposal “frankly, isn’t that bad” or something like that. And guess what? Maybe that’s how he actually feels. Ulman’s proposal, despite breathless claims to contrary, sought to shift more power to the citizens by engaging them earlier in the zoning process and allowing them to better shape development in their community. At least those were the intentions. As for how it would have worked in reality, we may never know. Your assumption that it would have been so bad that no one in their right mind would support is just about as bad as the conspiracy theroy you’re spreading on this blog.

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