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Coffee with Covolesky

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, July 5, 2006

I had recently written a post in which I had taken offense to comments made by Charlie Feaga that I thought were elitist.  In my interpretation Charlie seems to think that voters are ill equiped and don’t have adequate knowledge of the zoning process to bring comp-lite to referendum.  As such we should leave it to the experts – him.

In that post I said it would not reflect well on two candidates he recruited to run this season.  Those candidates being Melissa Covolesky and Wayne Livesay.

One of those candidates, Melissa, called me to the floor and suggested we talk.  So we met at the Forest Diner on Monday morning.  I wish Wayne Livesay would make a similiar offer – I want to clear up this Hatch Act thing and a number of other questions I have.

I am glad she asked – I enjoyed meeting her.

Melissa is not pro-development.  She isn’t anti-development either.  She believes in individual property rights and appreciates the complexities that development issues present to the community.

I also think she is a very articulate, intelligent, and well meaning.  However, I think she is better suited for County Council at this point.  Unfortunately, she isn’t eligible to run for County Council since she had moved from the area for professional reasons.  Yet she is eligible to run for State Delegate.  We both thought it was mildly ironic.

I also learned that long before Charlie Feaga had approached Melissa she had already made up her mind that she would run for office.  Charlie’s input only prompted her to consider County Council, but since she would not be eligible she continued to focus on the House of Delegates.

She stresses her experience in the military and exposure to many countries and cultures that help her bring a diverse perspective to public office.  That is great – I am not sure how well that translates.  I have been fortunate to visit 9 countries in my life (some more than once).  Travel does expand ones perspective.  We both agreed as much as we enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures – their is nothing like the USA.

I am glad she is involved in the race and active in the party.  However, I will continue to support Gail Bates and Warren Miller.  They have done a very good job and understand the district very well.

I think Melissa understands the needs of the western part of the district very well.  I don’t think she understands my needs as a resident of the eastern part of the district.

If Melissa is not successful in the September’s primary I for one hope she does not fade away.  She is a dedicated individual, passionate, hard working (she is studying for the bar now), and very pleasant.  Judging by the brief encounter I had with her father and husband on July 4th I would suggest she keeps good company and I hope she continues to keep company with the GOP.


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