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Comp-Lite Referendum

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, July 7, 2006

My earlier reports that the referendum was dead was premature. 

It was announced at the rally today at the Board of Elections that COPE had petitioned the Court of Appeals for a motion to become a 3rd party to intervene in the lower court’s decision to strike the referendum from the November ballot.

Additionally, it was announced that at the same time they filed their motion COPE filed the appeal.

The Court of Appeals notified the lawyers representing the parties who had the referendum thrown off the ballot that they had until July 20th to respond.

Now none of this means that the motion has been granted or that the appeal is being considered by the courts.  However, the fact that the attorney’s representing the referendum’s opponents have to respond is a good sign.

Congratulations to COPE and their allies….


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