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GOP Central Committee Straw Poll Results

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, July 12, 2006

After five days of early early voting the Howard County GOP Straw Poll has closed.

After 637 votes were cast the results are as follows:

*David Keelan 87 votes

**John Wafer 83 votes

Brian Harlin 82 votes

Peg Browning 69 votes

Joan Becker 67 votes

Robert Ballinger 65 votes

John Bailey 64 votes

Loretta Shilds 56 votes

Ternt Kittleman 22 votes

Heather Mitchell 15 votes

Edward Patrick 11 votes

Sandy Harriman 9 votes

Roger Winter 8 votes

Congratulations to our winners and thanks for playing.

BOLD indicates the new *chairman and **vice chairman. 

Just kidding.  The by-laws do state that the two candidates with the most votes are supposed to be the next chairman and vice chairman.  Of course this was only a straw poll so those rules don’t apply.  This is just an inside joke.


13 Responses to “GOP Central Committee Straw Poll Results”

  1. Boy, this is like a vote in the US House of Representatives. Keep the voting open long enough until you have enough votes to be ahead…and then declare the voting over…. 🙂

    Tom Delay would be proud….

  2. Dave,

    Don’t be such a cynic. Jeez.

    I kept it open for 5 days. Isn’t that long enough?

  3. John Wafer said

    Oh, was there a Straw Poll on your web site? Wasn’t aware until now. Looks like Harlin came in third. Too bad! Popularity does have it’s down side.

  4. Wayne said

    Dave, congratualtion. Hope it turn out that way for real

  5. Tom said

    Good show.

  6. Kelley & Tom said

    Sorry my pick didn’t come out on top, but Keelan/Wafer is about as good as it gets.

  7. JPP said

    Keelan / Wafer for President and Vice President

  8. Mitch Icard said

    Keelan I thought you were running for County Council? Did the kids change things? You would be a good central committee man!

  9. Kathy Icard said

    I don’t agree with Mitch. Keelan would make a great central committee member.

  10. Warren said

    Sorry to debunk the straw poll, but if history is any indicator Peg Browning will be the high vote getter, again! I watched beat everyone in ’98 and ’02 and I bet She does it again!


  11. hocomd said

    That is the conventional wisdom and I agree with your sentiments.

  12. Mary Beth Tung said

    Hmmm… perhaps some bias here? Perhaps some of Wissing’s Hedgehogs can dissect the heck out of how the poll was conducted! 😉

    Thanks for the fun, David!

  13. Loretta Shields said

    Well, if you spelled my name right, I may have received more votes…..


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