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GOP voter fraud set for Ho Co elections

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Did you read this in the examiner?

The situation with the Morstein’s and the Board of Elections is simply sad.  Although I have to admit it makes for good reading.

However, for Tony McGuffin to suggest it leaves the election open for fraud and abuse.  To quote from his letter to Betty Nordaas.

“The Republican infighting over the hiring of what should be a nonpartisan Board attorney is both unseemly and unsettling,” wrote McGuffin, in a letter Monday to Betty Nordaas, director of the Howard County Board of Elections. “[News] reports depict histrionic scenes of chaos and disarray. Moreover, the behavior of the Republican-controlled Board exposes the possibility of a partisan stacking of the deck with a partisan lawyer for post election manipulations.”

LOL.  Where is he coming from?  I am just really trying to understand where this guy is coming from.  I’ve never met Mr. McGuffin.  I only heard stories.  Despite that I am sure he is a reasonable man – but this letter is a stretch.  The secret plan is to engineer a fake personnel dispute in the Board of Elections in order to create the appearance of disorder in the office so we can manipulate the elections.

Read Mr. McGuffin’s quote again.  It doesn’t even make sense.  The way he goes from infighting (which I don’t know about) over an employment decision, to personnell dispute (I guess that is the chaos he refers to) then to election fraud.  Simply put – his logic is very twisted.

This isn’t like provisional balloting – vote where ever you want.  I don’t mind early voting – I do mind the polling locations the Democratic General Assembly picked.  So I wonder if McGuffin is raising a smoke screen and are the State’s other 24 local boards of elections getting nuisance letters of some kind too.


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  1. Actually, I liked this quote from teh article better

    “Now is the time to get the store in order,” he said. “We have electronic voting machines with no paper trails, Karl Rove is working the state on the [Lt. Gov. Michael] Steele campaign, and I don’t want someone stacking the deck.”

    Don’t ask me what Karl Rove has to do with the Howard County Board of Elections, but I guess it was a way for him to get the link of Rove and Steele together into the newspaper. Of course, a change in the voting system back to the old system was killed by his own party leadership in the MD Senate.

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