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Comp-Lite Letter to the Ho Co Times

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, July 13, 2006

My letter appeared in today’s edition.

The last one if you are interested.  Wes Allan had his letter published too.  Worth a read.

Ulman abused system he now says he would reform (their title not mine)

In March 2005 the Howard County Times wrote an “Our view” opinion regarding the inclusion of the Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church in the “Comp Lite” process.

The Times correctly pointed out that “the church – which had not applied under the initial round of comprehensive rezoning – jumped in with its request, seeing a chance to make its plans happen with a minimum of red tape.”

The Howard County code makes it very clear that, since the church was not part of the initial round of comprehensive rezoning, the Zoning Board should not have included the church in the “Comp Lite” process.

Since County Councilman Kenneth Ulman, as the Zoning Board chairman, permitted the church to be included in the Comp Lite process in violation of the county code, the Comp Lite bill has been rendered illegal.

Mr. Ulman should have known that inclusion of the church in the Comp Lite process should not have been permitted. He instead circumvented the process that would have provided for the input of the citizens he now wishes to represent as the next county executive.

Mr. Ulman had the opportunity to engage in an open process in March 2005 and failed. Now, as a candidate for county executive, Mr. Ulman is a champion of changing the current comprehensive rezoning process in favor of a process that would engage every citizen? Excuse me for being skeptical.


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