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Maryland Governor’s Poll

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, July 16, 2006

David Wissing has a good post on this.  Just the facts more or less.

The way I look at this…. Great news for Ehrlich.

Ehrlich at 56% approval rating (hard to beat a sitting Gov. with ratings like that) but only 38% of support (O’Malley 46%)

I suggest that low support is because Ehrlich hasn’t defined O’Malley yet.  He hasn’t even started.

Now this poll shows O’Malley leading by 8%.  Previously O’Malley let by 15%.  As Dave pointed out.  In a previous Sun poll O’Malley was 48% and Ehrlich was 33%.

This spells huge trouble for O’Malley.

O’Malley is down 2 points.  Ehrlich is up 5 points.

Why is this big trouble for O’Malley?  Because O’Malley has been trying to define Ehrlich for 2 months and now we know it isn’t working.  The exact opposite of what O’Malley has been trying to accomplish is happening (just like everything else he touches).  O’Malley took him to court on the BGE deal, stopped Ehrlich from taking over troubled schools, he is getting hit over the head with UTech, crime statistics…  Maybe a cynic out their believe that Ehrlich is behind all this bad news – but that is all it would be – cynical.  The fact is O’Malley has too many chinks in his own armour to effect Ehrlich.

Another interesting note from the Washington Time:

“…the poll was conducted too soon after the selection of Mrs. Cox to gauge whether the governor received a bounce with women from the pick. However, Mr. O’Malley’s lead among female voters has decreased to 11 percentage points, from 21 points in November.”

O’Malley’s appeal to women voters has been highlighted as a key to O’Malley’s bid for Government House.  If Kristen Cox begins to register positive numbers for Ehrlich then this important block of voters could swing the vote to Ehrlich.

The importance of Howard County in this election is not lost either…

“Baltimore County and Howard County are emerging as battlegrounds.”

Wait until the Guv starts to define O’Malley.  Dave, you won’t have to worry.  I will bet you next time I see you that Baltimore County will go Ehrlich.

Maybe a lot more of Duncan’s supporters have swung to Ehrlich than they did to O’Malley.  If they were solid democrats then Ehrlich would not have closed the gap by 7 points.


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Weekend News

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wes Allen of Ellicott City asks some good questions as does Lloyd Knowles about traffic and the redevelopment of downtown Columbia

Wes Allen:

Why did we spend $250,000 for a charrette without first providing the participants basic information on limitations posed by the downtown infrastructure? Until this traffic study, Mr. Ulman [County Councilman Ken Ulman] was taking credit for the downtown planning process…

Lloyd Knowles (spouse of Del. Liz Bobo):

The Department of Planning and Zoning continues to say that this proposed plan came out of the charrette that was held last fall. Research shows definitively that there is little resemblance between what more than 300 people visualized on that first day of the charrette and the plan that has evolved…

Both augment my earlier post Columbia Master Plan and Roads and the top of this post

A fraud hot line for Howard County Employees?  Hell yes.  Article here.  What could it possibly cost and how much could it save?  Apparantly Harry Dunbar, County Exec. Candidate, would support it so he could get to the bottom of this accusation he threw at his Democratic opponent Ken Ulman. 

Dunbar referred to “whispered backroom requests of developers,”  at a candidate forum held at the Vantage House retirement community.

Maybe Mr. Dubar wonders if the employees of DPZ will have a field day with that hotline discussing some of the cozy relationships that exist with the development community.  I wonder…


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